Updated BrainQuicken BodyQuick Review

A Very Interesting Supplement

Last September, after one month of taking Brainquicken’s Body quick supplement, I wrote a review of BrainQuicken. Since it has been four months since writing the original review, I thought that I would provide an update on the results I have seen in terms of improved mental functioning, and more importantly, increased productivity.

After I finished my original bottle, I decided to search around to see if I could find a product that produced similar gains at a lower cost.My main thought was that I could find some sort of Thermogenic formula that would increase my mental function (along with physical capabilities.)? While I did find several Thermogenic’s that cost less, none provided the mental benefit that Brainquicken did.

I found that with Thermogenic formula based products, I would get that boost of energy, but was unable to contain it is manner that allowed for decent productivity. I also found that my biggest complaint with Brainquicken (mild heartburn) was many times worse taking a similar dosage of Thermogenic products.

So after two months of shopping around… I ordered my second bottle of BodyQuick.

Here Are the Results From Round Two

I just want to clarify that my objective from using this product is increased productivity in terms of work, life, and writing.? I am not using this product for weight training purposes, so I can not comment on its use in that area.

My Experience

  • I’ve experienced concentration levels more potent than Adderall.
  • My productivity has increased enough to justify the $50 a month
  • I’ve experienced larger, firmer erections (one of the interesting, but welcomed perks)
  • Absolutely no come down feeling

Who Would Benefit from this?

  • Someone taking a test
  • Writing a report or paper
  • Concentrating at work
  • Completing a project
  • Reading
  • And oddly enough, having better sex
The drawbacks
  • The only current drawback that I am receiving is I am still experiencing the heartburn.? I also get heartburn from coffee pretty bad. So if you can tolerate coffee, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

My Conclusion

At the moment, for the results that I am looking for, Brainquicken has performed the best out of the many different supplements that I have tried.? I will continue to cycle the product, and test others in between.? I will keep you posted on the results.

If you are looking for a product that will help for studying for a test, writing a paper, concentrating on a project, or pump up your erections lol… you will want to give this a shot.

The only place that I’ve found that you can purchase Brainquicken is here.

Order BrainQuicken From Bodybuilding.com

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