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Valentine’s Day Game

How To Handle Valentine’s Day

Body languageQuite frankly Valentine’s Day can be one of the most awkward holidays there is if you don’t know how to handle it smoothly with the woman you’re seeing.

I’ve put together some of the advice on the subject and included it all in this post. No matter what you’re situation is, you will surely find an answer to it here.

Random Valentine’s Day Tips

Let me just say this: Unless you are either completely single or in one committed long-term relationship, Valentine's Day is not your friend.

What you do on Valentine's Day depends on your status. We're going to go over:

  • If you're not involved with anyone.
  • If you are involved with a woman but she doesn't have girlfriend status.
  • If you do have a girlfriend.

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Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

1. Give her a gift certificate for some your time. If you're handy, fix something, tune her car, or wash it, for example.

2. Give her car a safety check, oil, etc and show her how to read all of the gauges.

3. Polish her shoes and boots (unless they're suede)

4. Put a couple of drops of your favorite cologne (best make sure she likes it, first) on each light bulb in your living room or bedroom. When turned on, it will smell masculine and appealing and make her think of you.

5. Pick up a copy of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations available in paperback. Of get another book of quotations at a local bookstore or library. Include appropriate quotes on pieces of paper or cards that you send or leave in easily found places for the deserving lady.

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Valentine’s Day Openers


I didn't get a card from you today yet? and I want chocolates! and flowers! I like it when girls buy me flowers. All the other girls here bought me flowers.

Again, you can deliver this with a big wide smile or pretend to be angry.

I have yet to see a girl come up with a good answer to this. If she comes across as a bitchy all why would I get you a card? then she's not worth your time anyway. Most girls just laugh and giggle at which point you push things a bit further as above, and then change threads. So anyway, I need a female opinion using a canned opener or something improvised about Valentines Day.

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