College is a great place to make big changes

There are a few points in life where we all, as people, go through changes or at least are presented with opportunities to go through changes. I feel one of these main “times” most of us experience is when we go to college, if you go… College is like starting school all over again, but even better.

If you were like me, then you choose a college where you probably didn’t know too many people. This is a good move because the chances of being help up by old habits or reputations is easy to break. Maybe you were too much of a player in High School and had a reputation where girls wouldn’t hook up with you because of it. Or on the flip side you may have been that shy guy who didn’t have enough balls to say a word to a girl. Whatever it was, college is a place you can change these characteristics rather drastically and quickly with little or no comments from the “peanut gallery”.

Everyone is Changing

College is not just for geeks and shy people to come out of their shell, its a place for everyone to experiment and try new things. So if everyone is more free willed, then you can be too! I have known kids that go to college and come back as people I never imagined. Dorks who became cool, failures who became successful…and of course on the flip side, cool people who became dorks, or worse, successful people who just lost their way.

Big Changes, Big Responsibilities

At the same time you are finding your new ways and methods, you have to be careful not to go too far with your experimentation. There are many people that loose it and just go off the deep end. I almost did and I had to leave school, but I made a turn around because I knew deep down inside it had to be done. So have fun, experiment and try crazy things, just always remember that little voice of reason in the back of your head.

The biggest opportunity in college is networking and personal growth, and that’s not always done in the classroom or on campus…

Life is short, play hard…but smart!

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