All Things Comes to the Light: Sinn Shares his Secrets of Day Game Mastery, Part II

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Soon after his bootcamp, Sinn began assisting Mystery. During that year, he posted 56 lays – almost all from day game. “I’d pass girls on my college campus,” Sinn snickered, “and I’d be like, yeah, fucked her, fucked her, hmm…made out with her.” And if that doesn’t sound totally fucking awesome, your reading comprehension sucks.

Girl on the StreetBut if you’re on a fourth grade reading level, and you grasp the potential for awesomeness of day game, you’re in luck. Most guys looking to meet hot, quality women overlook day game, which, ironically, is the only place to meet them. “You’re not going to meet the hot, corporate lawyer at the bar at 2a.m.,” Sinn remarked.

Also, day game allows guys to be “real.” Many guys who get into pickup don’t enjoy the nightclub, but there anywhere to meet women. “They hate the music, they hate the people, they hate the dancing,” Sinn barked, “yet they go there because they think that’s where to go to learn game. I see it on my bootcamps—guys have this fake club personality.” Sinn concluded that most nightclubs cater to “douche bags of both the male and female variety.”

Instead, Sinn rattled off a list of day game locations like Whole Foods, parks, mall food courts, CVS, Best Buy, Target, the gym, and college campuses to learn real game—to learn day game. “I’ve gotten thirty or forty lays from Jamba Juice alone,” Sinn noted. For Sinn, he recommends staking out a location where a conversation is possible, rather than rapidly approaching on the street. “The worst advice you can give a guy,” Sinn said, “is telling him to hit on girls on the street. The interactions simply don’t last long enough. He learns nothing. I tell guys to start off in bookstores and coffee shops.”

Once Sinn’s in a location that’s conducive to conversation, he looks for seated sets. “I’ll take the seated set anytime, anywhere in the daytime,” he said with pride. Once Sinn spots a seated set, he rolls up and drops a pre-opener. Regardless if you ask for directions, the time, or whatever else you say to get her attention, it’s more important you know what to do next.

“You stack,” Sinn explained. “If she gives you directions, you go into a role-play and tell her she’s your new personal assistant.” Sinn warns, however, that the hotter the girl, the less likely she is to “play along.” He laughed, “If a girls anything hotter than an 8.5, the chance of her playing into a role-play is, about, zero.”

For hotter girls, Sinn recommends backtracking into a “standard” opinion opener. “I’ll say something like, ‘Okay, well you’re a girl, so let me ask you something…’ then I’ll do the jealous girlfriend opener, or whatever I feel like at the time.” Usually an opinion opener is enough to warm a girl up to the actual pickup.

From there, you can introduce yourself and transition into your regular game. Sinn advises guys to focus on qualification—not attraction—during day game. “I hardly even teach attraction during my day game seminars,” he explained. “It’s unnecessary. After a minute it’s either on or it’s not.” Sinn said to straddle the line between “plowing a set” and taking the “blow me or blow me out” attitude. “See what you can do, but if it’s going nowhere, don’t waste your time,” he said.

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“I mean, there are plenty of other girls,” he said, then added, “But I’m also a proponent of not needlessly throwing away pussy.”

To avoid such a needless waste, keep Sinn’s simple—but effective—day game pointers in mind for the first minute, then just run your standard game, but with more emphasis on qualifying the girl. He suggests asking questions like, “Are you open-minded?” or “Are you judgmental?” And if you’re ballsier, try qualifiers like, “And you’re special because…?” Essentially, make her invest enough in the interaction to want to see you again.

Sinn recommends spending as much time with the woman as possible—even taking her back to your place right then and there if the logistics are feasible. Sinn explained his definition of “sexual maps,” which are the various routes an interaction can take when going from day time approach to sex. Maps Sinn finds the greatest success with are:

1. The insta-map – You meet at a daytime location, spend some time with her, find out she has nothing going on for a few hours (by qualifying her), and then suggest going back to your place. For Sinn, he routinely suggests watching The Breakfast Club back at his place.

2. The 2-part map – You meet in a situation where you or her can’t leave (e.g. you meet when one of you is working or doing something), but you suggest meeting up later. Sinn had amazing success with this map at the San Diego gym, particularly between the hours of 8 to 10 p.m. on weeknights. “These girls are working out,” he explained, “and they have nothing to do afterwards. You get their number with plans to meet up later. Done deal,” he said.

3. The date/multi-date map – The way most guys approach day game, taking a girl’s number, spending a couple days texting/calling her and setting up a date (or dates) days or weeks later.

The text each other while out map – When you have a number that’s on the backburner (i.e. she’s flaky or just not that hot), you may try to hitting her up while out with friends. Sometimes women are reluctant to meet for a date, but will meet up when she’s already in a social mood.

Beth LisickUltimately, Sinn attests, “By knowing what options you have, you can be less dogmatic about how you handle the situation. More options means more maps. And the more maps you have, the better you’ll do. Put simply, you won’t lose potential lays.” Coming from the self-professed proponent of not throwing away pussy, heed the man’s words.

It may seem ironic that the man who began his pickup career as a dogmatic Mystery follower now advocates a more versatile approach. However, Sinn’s love of women and commitment to what works overshadows his underage days of strict adherence to “the rules.” Sometimes you have to fuck the rules to fuck the girls. I know Sinn changed some of my views on day game, and hopefully he’s changed some of yours, as well.

To learn more about Sinn, check out his content-rich (and often hilarious) blog:

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