Advanced College Pranks: Try These at Home

Classic ?Pranks?

Things getting a little to cyclic around your place? Everyone just seems in a rut and goes with the flow of things?

Well whenever you?re looking to throw a cog into the wheel look no further than a good solid prank. Why? It?s fun, doesn?t do too much damage and if it doesn?t involve taking a dump on someone?s bed (this has happened in my fraternity house … twice) you probably won?t burn any bridges.

Now you?re more than welcome to choose from the run-of-the-mill group (e.g. the old shaving cream on the palm trick, tying two doors together), but if you?re looking for something a little more advanced I?ve got you covered.


Stacking furniture outside another guy?s room has always been a good quick impromptu prank. Thrown in some more time, hundreds up cups and water, and you?re giving a new meaning to stacking.

First set-up an Ikea table right outside your target?s door. Then start filling up cups of water and stacking them. Keep in mind that you don?t want to build a wall, but rather have a wide base like a pyramid and slowly build up. This trick might take a few tries to get right.?The fastest way to complete this prank is by creating an assembly line from your water source to the doorway you?re building the water pyramid at.

Once it is built, your victim will likely be forced to exit his room via the little tunnel created by the table because let?s be honest, people are too lazy to take down all those cups right away.

If you really want to go for a win, wait until your buddy is in the room with a girl.

Confetti Avalanche

This one requires a little patience and a paper shredder.

First off, you?re going to want to collect all the paper you can get your hands on. If you?re on a campus, take all the flyers Asian business clubs are handing out. If you?re out in the streets, make sure to hit up every free newspaper stand in sight.

Then with your recently purchased paper shredder, go to work. This task might seem tedious, but if you combine it with other activities, time will fly. Whether it?s watching TV or surfing the web, make sure to put that off-hand to use.

After you shred the paper, bag it and store it some place out of sight: a closet or an attic work best in this situation. Remember now, it?s extremely hard to pull off an epic prank if you lose the element of surprise.

Once you collect enough bags of the stuff (we?re talking about shredding paper for at least a good three weeks), storm into the room of your target and make it rain. Yes on his bed. Yes on his floor. Yes all up in his clothes drawers.

If you do this right, a year from now when your target is digging around for a pair of boxers, he?ll come across your harmless prank. Well it will be harmless until your target is flooded with the painful memories of cleaning up all that goddamn confetti.

Operation Reverse Lockout

Boarding up a person?s bedroom from the outside is fun and all, but it has been done plenty of times before. What about boarding it up from the inside, though? I bet you haven?t seen that one.

When your buddy is out for a couple hours, grab several boards, a hammer and a ton of nails. After you lock yourself inside the room, just start boarding up the entire doorway. Double or triple-reinforce the impact point of where the door handle hits the boards.

Have someone on the outside stand ready to prop-up a ladder so you can make a quick escape out of your the impenetrable room. For bonus points, super glue all of the windows shut before you exit.

Just make sure the guy holding the ladder is someone you can trust so you?re not the victim of a double-cross ? having a piece of blackmail on the back-burner never hurt anyone.

If you decide to employ any of these let me know how they work for you. And more importantly, let me know how the rebuttal goes down.?Oh yes, there will be rebuttal. The exclamation of any good prank is having the balls to own up to it to give your target the chance to prove his mettle. You?re in for a fun ride my friend.


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