Girls on the Dance Floor

How To Approach Girls That Are Dancing

If you?re in college and in the midst of a cold streak, the easiest way to get things back on track is heading to the dance floor of a fraternity party. Even if you?re not the dancing type, down a few shots, shotgun a beer and you?ll find that while you may not turn into the next Michael Flatley, you can certainly pull off a simple two-step that can translate into bringing a girl back home with you.

For many females, dancing is an intimate act. It?s a way to slowly progress from just chatting it up with someone to sleeping with someone.?The problem is, most kids approach the dance floor the wrong way. Sure they might end up making out with a girl, but two minutes later that same girl is running away to meet up with her girlfriends in the corner. If you want to be the guy who lasts more than half-a-song, and not the creepy dude who stalks his prey, you?re going to have to slow things down.

What most guys do when they first get to a dance floor is scout the room out. They will usually look for an attractive group of girls dancing that is the same size as the group of guys they have. Depending on how many shots you took, the ?attractive? component of the equation is often disregarded. So far so good, but what happens next is where it all goes downhill.

In the middle of a song, the guys will make their move. In blitzkrieg-fashion they?ll rush up to the girls and begin rubbing their junk all over the girls? tushes. I?m still at a loss for how this procedure became acceptable social etiquette.?I mean in what situation is it OK to grab a woman?s hips from behind and then throw your penis at her? All without permission mind you. We?re looking at an extreme violation of personal space here.?If you get an honest opinion from a girl, they will respond that the only situation in which they will consider dancing with a fool who starts feeling on her backside is if he?s ?really hot.? If you?re not, well you?re out of luck.
So now let?s backtrack here. After you scout out the girls, don?t go right in for the kill. Instead bide your time a little.

The girls are not going to be dancing the whole night without rest ? there will be a point where they take a break and head to the bathroom, or go to get a refill on their drinks. This is the time when you should first make contact. Strike up a conversation about anything; you don?t even need to use a clever pickup line in this situation.?Remember the setting here: we?re not at a bar, we?re at a college party. Make a remark as to how amazing her costume is and ask her where she got a certain piece of it. Or you can inquire if their are any other parties going on tonight. Whatever you do, keep it basic.

Once you?ve gone through some simple pleasantries and shown that you?re more than just a creep who is trying to get his dick wet, move on to the dance floor. All you need to do at this point is ask, ?Hey do you want to go dance??

This sentence might sound a bit awkward to many bros, but trust me, girls appreciate the gesture. I?ve had several girls actually remark how refreshing it is that I have the wherewithal to ask them to dance.

It might sound crazy, but if you want to stand-out from all the other guys, sometimes all you have to do is show a little politeness. Now put your dancing shoes on and go get silly.

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