Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web

Best Weekend Reading

Awesome! David Black has given us  101 Ways to Get a Girl. This is a fantastic summary of everything you should be doing to improve your game with women.

Here is a good site, with tons of free articles, on how to make money on the internet.

Weekend Eye Candy:  Why Brazil will ALWAYS be a second home for me

I’ve published two new article over at The Bachelor Guy: How to Get Over Your Fear of Approaching Women and How to Pick up Women at the Supermarket.

Here are some good tips for texting a girl.

Over at the he posted a good article called how to get more out of life through functional self awareness.

Rob Judge posted his one hour seminar talk on how to get over a girl.

Off topic… but still an interesting read:  Is the mafia dead?

Over at the Four Hour Work Week Blog, Tim Ferris posted an interesting guest post on the Paradox of Choice, and why it may be the reason you are single.

Weekend Eye Candy:  I would marry Mila Kunis

For the guys with a gut (like myself) here is how to lose your beer belly fast.

I was thinking about the idea of using pua routines… and decided to write a whole post about them.

Entropy posted a great post about how to relate to other people better.

If you still haven’t seen Vin di Carlo’s How to read a woman’s mind Webinar… check it out.

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