Looking Fresh at Themed Parties

Don’t Be Scared To Get Into It

Themed parties will always be a staple of college life. They give people a rallying point and, more than anything else, allow girls to have a photo shoot before they head out.

If you?re still figuring out a way to catch the attention of the female persuasion, here?s your opportunity. You see, most guys at themed parties go for a relatively conservative get-up ? no one wants to look like a complete fool. That?s why you?ll see men with maybe one or two interesting articles of clothing, but not a complete outfit. In fact at a lot of themed parties, some guys just put on a pair of jeans and a button down. Now if you want to have the oculars of every girl focused on you, and an easy conversation starter, you?re going to want to go all out.

So here?s the trick: you have to commit to your costume. I don?t care how ridiculous it is, you won?t feel lame if you psyche yourself up and get into it. Get into not only the face paint, shirt and pants, but get into the character of your costume. Not only will you stand-out, but you will exude confidence.

Without further adieu, here are some of my favorite costumes based on stock themes that are circulated throughout many campuses. Feel free to steal them or help them inspire you to your own creations.


If you have the option, always dress up with a group. The more people you have on board doing something absurd, the more impressive it is. The Vegas theme lends itself to many different large ensembles given all the shows taking place in Sin City. If I had to choose one, I would definitely go with the .

It?s pretty simple to-do and you look awesome for doing it. For the hair, don?t use a dye or a spray. Buy a simple swim cap and then use the same paint on it that you used for your face and hands. If you get four to five guys to do this, I would suggest spooking people. Surround someone, hold hands together, and start dancing in a circle. Oh and like the , don?t speak a word. Probably the coolest part about dressing as the is every girl you guys make out with is thus marked for the rest of the night.


Tonight you?re going to redefine the usage of an adult diaper. Pair one those babies with a bib and a bonnet, and you?ve got yourself one hell of a night.

As a little prop, go to the dollar store and pick up a few baby bottles. Stick a little alcohol in it and girls will be all over you the rest of the night. If there?s one thing girls love more than an interesting costume, it?s free alcohol.


Just like the idea, you should go for face paint. Once, you?ve covered that, move on to the rest of your body. The more your skin is covered in paint, the better.

Throw on some whiskers too and you?ll be golden. Oh also make sure to pick up a nice fuzzy tail. It?ll give girls something to grab on when they try to playfully catch your attention.

Where's Waldo?


And here?s the best get-up of them all. Regardless of what the situation is, if you can?t think of anything else, always have this costume tucked away in your drawer ready to go.

Waldo. Yes, Waldo. You might remember him as the star of ?Where?s Waldo.?

No matter the party, you can also dress up as Waldo. 70?s party? Done. Country party? Done.

It?s automatically ballsy because it is completely different than what anyone else has on. It?s automatically appreciated because everyone owned a copy of ?Where?s Waldo? when they were a kid.

Come to think of it, you probably can dress up as Waldo during the daytime for shits and giggles and people will still give you props.

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