Staying Thirsty and Making Friends

The Importance of Consuming Alcohol

Say you?re at a small party. You?re downstairs with three of your guy friends. There are some tables down there so you guys start playing a drinking game like beer pong or snappa (it amazes me how many people don?t know what snappa is).

You?re drinking something along the lines of Natty Light (for your palate?s sake I hope it?s not Natty Ice ? they need to outlaw that stuff). After thirty minutes you are a few beers deep. At this point you see a small group of girls meander on in through the front door.

You scope them out for a second. When it?s not your turn, you quickly flip around your head to sneak a look at the girls, but that?s as far as you go. After they awkwardly stand around in the corner chatting to themselves for five minutes, they end up walking away to some other part of the party. You go back to playing your game.

Sound familiar? Yeah we?ve all been there before. It really is a pity how many sneaky glances go about without anything coming to fruition.

I?ve said it before and I?ll say it again, one of the most beautiful things about college social situations is that you don?t need to say anything clever to start a conversation with a girl. The reason is you already have a common shared background.

If you?re approaching a girl at a college party, she is assuming that you go to the same school as her. This automatically means that you have some level of sanity (which we all know is not necessarily true) and you have some sort of intelligence that is similar to hers. Added together, it means that the chances of you being relegated as a creep upon first contact is much smaller than almost any other social situation.

That?s why you can waltz right up to them and ask if they would like to drink with you guys. Right there, that easy. Playing a simple drinking game creates a great opportunity to easily incorporate them into your group. Additionally, it also serves as an ice breaker.

In the hypothetical situation like the one created earlier, this is when you pull out fresh cups and start playing flip cup. Make sure that you split up the teams. If say there are just two of you, then play a game of beer pong with a couple girls. And yes, as being your guider of common sense you should split up into two separate teams.

While you guys are pouring the beer and filling up the cups, this is when you extend your hand and say ?Hi, I?m ____.? Then usually you go to some other bullshit like ?Oh, do you come here often?? Or ?What classes do you take?? is another popular option.

Now if there is an awkward lull in the conversation, you immediately just talk about how good or bad you are at flip cup. Talk about how this one time you helped your team make a miraculous comeback. Remark how she is so good at flip cup and ask how she does it. Complimenting a girl on her skills at a drinking game scores you huge brownie points.

After you play a few rounds and all of the sudden have a new-found sense of confidence all about you, you can move forward in conversation and actually talk about something of more substance.

Or you can even start talking about how this party is extremely lame. In fact it is so lame and boring, that you just so happen to have a handle back at your apartment. Hey, you and the entire group can head back to your place and continue the party there. Stay thirsty my friends.

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About Mustafa Shaikh Mustafa Shaikh is an aspiring writer living in Berkeley, CA. Not willing to give up his college days just yet, he lives only a few blocks away from his beloved campus. He hopes to write a best-seller within the next couple of years and live off the royalties of it for as long as possible.

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