The 7 Villains of Daygame, Part 2

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4) The

I will tell you now that closing a ninja is impossible. Have you ever closed a ? No? That?s because it?s impossible.

s are out there on the streets ? and like the psychics, are disguised as normal girls. s aren?t psychic … at least I don?t think they are. All I know is, is that they seem to know what I?m going to do and when I?m going to do it. I can only assume it?s down to their secret ninja skills. The following is a prime example of a ninja at work.

I?ll be out teaching a student, looking for some nice girls for him to approach. In the distance there is a pedestrian clearing ? a large space open to the public ? it is totally deserted except for one lone girl. She is very sexy indeed. Perfect, I think. I turn to my student and tell him to approach that sexy girl over in that clearing. ?What girl?? he says. I point to the clearing. ?That girl…….? and realize that I?m pointing into open space.

The girl has vanished.

The wind picks up, and out of the corner of my eye I see a blurred shadow pass by one of the rooftops. Nothing is left in the space where she was apart from some dust in the air, slowly settling after what looks like some kind of disturbance moments before. That girl was a ninja. And ninjas don?t like to talk to strangers.

5) The

We tend to trust our senses. The more hard-headed of you tend not to believe something until you see it for yourselves. I know I didn?t truly believe this pick-up stuff could work until I saw someone else do it with my own eyes. But sometimes our eyes can play tricks on us. What appears to be there at first, ends up not being there. Like WMDs in Iraq (Erm, Andy, this isn?t really the time to get political. Let?s stick to girls, ok?)

Maybe things can CHANGE before your eyes. They look like one thing, then as you get closer, you realize that it?s something completely different. This, unfortunately, occurs far too often in Daygame. So often, in fact, you start to question your very senses. One minute you are strolling up to who you think is Miss Sweden 2010, then just as you say hello and she turns round, you realize you?re actually talking to Miss Basildon 1983.

In your head all you can hear is your mental co-pilot screaming ?EJECT! EJECT! EJECT!?, but it?s too late. You?ve opened, and now you?ve gotta stick with it. Running is an option, but definitely a rude thing to do. Best thing to do is ask for direction then politely thank her an be on your way. You can clean your eyeballs with a wire brush when you get home.


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