Mixing Your Girlfriend and Sports

How To Make The Two Go Together

After dating a girl for a couple months, you start wanting to do things together more often; you want to bring her into your life and have her enjoy the types of things you do. For many men this means trying to let your girl in on your sports-viewing habits. Such a transition is trickier than it sounds. (Trust me, I?ve made my mistakes.)

The rule of thumb is that in general, you do not want your girl to be the only female present, unless it is a one-on-one situation. Let?s illustrate.

Say there is a NBA playoff game and you want to watch it with your friends. Your compadre is having a few friends over, and you?re planning on heading over. At the same time, however, you haven?t seen your girlfriend in a few days and you would love to bring her along.

Alyssa Milano's into sports

Say you bring her over, and she?s the only female there. Additionally she?s not really friends with anyone else in the group and she?s not too big into sports. That all adds up to a recipe for disaster.

While the game is going on you are not going to have peace of mind ? you?re going to be preoccupied with whether or not she is having a good time. Even if she is enjoying yourself, you?re still going to be worried.

As an alternative, what you can do is invite your girlfriend over to your place and then also invite other girls over along with your guy friends to watch the game. Or if your buddies have girlfriends as well, that would work too.

Here?s another idea: for your next date, go out to a sporting event.

When you watch a game on television, the focus is usually who is going to come out victorious. If you go out and see a game in-person there is a lot more going on. The best way I can describe it is by comparing it to my experience of attending a rock concert.

I?m not a huge fan of rock. Sure I?ll listen to the hit songs when it comes on the radio, but I?m not going out of my way to download the third and fourth singles off of an album. Nevertheless, I love taking in live rock concerts. The way the band interacts with the crowd and how all the fans are screaming and shouting the words gets me juiced for something I wouldn?t enjoy too much on a pair of speakers.

Same thing goes for live sports. A person who isn?t inclined to sports can find enjoyment attending a game because of the overall atmosphere. Fans cheering, random people banging drums and drunk people dancing wildly during intermissions to get on the big screen all make for an exciting time.

In my opinion, baseball is the best type of sporting event to take-in with a girl. That?s mainly because the pace of the game is so slow, even fans of the nation?s pastime find themselves talking about anything but baseball while in the stands. Now that we?re in summer, this is the perfect time to go out to take-in a daytime affair. Grab tickets for a couple cheap seats, order up a couple cold brews and you?ll be set for a fun, enjoyable afternoon.

Best part is you?re with your girlfriend and you?re watching sports. Sounds like the ideal summer afternoon to me.

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