The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juggling Women

It’s Not Impossible If You Do It Right

Guys love the idea of juggling women. Let?s be real: having multiple girls who want to sleep with you is such a huge ego boost. You go through a long dry spell and then out of nowhere there are three girls vying for your attention. On Friday you?re hanging out with Mandy, and on Saturday, it?s Karen.

Juggling girls, however, is harder than it would seem, especially in college. So here are some things you should be aware of in case you try to pull off what most guys dream of.

The social circles in college are a lot smaller than you think and overlap quite a bit. A person who is in a fraternity is also a member of the mock trial team and frequently hangs out with friends in two other fraternities. This means when the weekend rolls around, you just never know who will show up at a party. I?ve had it when three girls who I was juggling turned up at the same party. It was a nightmare.

One of the girls saw that I was getting a little touchy feely with another female, and next thing I know, I find myself in a game of 20 questions.

Don?t even bother trying to see two girls who live in the same communal housing (e.g. a sorority or co-op). Word spreads fast through these circles. Even if you are seeing girls who are in two different grade levels, word will spread fast. And when the two girls find out, vengeance will be swift. Not only will you be out two girls, but you?ll find yourself on the blacklist for an entire organization.

In what context you see the girls is also up for consideration. I?m assuming here that you?re not a sleazebag and when you?re juggling girls you?re not actually officially dating any of them. So you?re not left with the age-old problem of being interested in a girl, but not so interested that she thinks you?re on verge of asking her out.

One rule of thumb that you should go by to accomplish this end is to not ever get together over lunch or dinner. Maybe a late night snack, but nothing of real substance. Instead opt for getting together for drinks, watching a movie at your place or to smoke at the end of the night. Whatever you do, just try to make sure that you aren?t giving off any hints that can be misleading.

Also be well-aware of the fact that some women aren?t going to be down for this arrangement. They aren?t going to be satisfied just meeting up in party situations to hook-up; they are going to want you to take them out to dinner and will not settle for anything less.

At that point you?re going to have to make a decision: either keep living your single life, or start dropping off the other girls in your life. Sure you might think just because you?re going out to dinner with this girl you don?t need to cut off everything. Let me tell you from experience, the second she finds out there is stuff going on behind the scenes, she is going to be hurt.

Oh and one final note, make sure you put some type of locking mechanism on your phone. You know those things that you have to input some type of code after your phone hasn?t been used for a period of time.

You would be amazed at how many girls will take the opportunity to check out why your phone is blowing up while you?re freshening up in the shower.

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About Mustafa Shaikh Mustafa Shaikh is an aspiring writer living in Berkeley, CA. Not willing to give up his college days just yet, he lives only a few blocks away from his beloved campus. He hopes to write a best-seller within the next couple of years and live off the royalties of it for as long as possible.

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