How To Meet Women At The Gym, Part 2

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6. Here are some field-tested openers to use:

– If you’ve never seen her before: “Did you just join the gym? Cool. I joined about a month ago (or whatever). I like this place.”
– If you see her frequently: “Wow, and I thought I was a gym rat, but you’re in here just as much as me!”
– As she finishes up an intense set: “Nice! You’re kickin ass!” – this is my favorite. It’s a little flirty but in a very positive and masculine.
– If she’s doing a strange exercise, or using a machine you never see anyone using: “I’ve never seen that exercise before. What does it do?” If she seems open, ask her to show you how to do it.
– If she runs for a long time, or shows great strength or technique: “Wow. You make some of these guys look bad.” This is meant to be funny, so say it with a smile.
– “How’s your workout going?” Say this with a warm smile. She’ll probably say “Good.” Keep smiling while holding contact, and say “Awesome.” That’s enough. Get back to your workout.
– “You’re in great shape. Are you an athlete?” Don’t ask her if she’s a model. By saying athlete you will make her feel very confident, and that’s exactly what will make her comfortable talking with you (always give confidence, instead of trying to show it – I talk about this in other articles).

7. Take the “girly classes.” This one is obvious, but most guys don’t take advantage. Classes like pilates, cycling, yoga, and kick-boxing are full of hot women, and you’ll likely be the only guy in the class. The class itself gives you something to talk about when the session is over. When you see any of these women in the gym, it’s easy to strike up a conversation. Plus these classes will only help your weightlifting progress.

If she seems open to talk, you can ask her what her goals are, and talk about yours. Ask her if she’s from the area, and talk about yourself – did you just move to town? Did you grow up here? Keep it simple, and don’t linger. Get back to your workout. She’ll respect that.

The second time you see her, or if you cross paths again later in your workout, simply say “I’m (your name) by the way.” Shake her hand and ask if she’s normally a morning or evening person (when she likes to work out).

Try to come around the same time she does. You don’t have to change your schedule to hers, but you’ll want to make sure you see her one or two more times before you suggest hanging out.

When you see her again, say “Hi,” give her a hi-five, and go about your workout. You’re friendly, but not trying to pick her up. Later on, casually walk over to her, or do an exercise near her. Again, start a conversation with something very simple, like “So how’s your week going?”

At this point, she’ll realize that you are interested in getting to know her. She will either act a little cold, or be open to talking to you. If she is cold, don’t worry. Just ease up, and don’t take it personally. Continue to say “Hi,” whenever you see her, but be mindful not to push too hard.

If she does seem open to talking to you, find out about her life (again, I cover this in other articles). After three or four interactions, suggest hanging out outside of the gym, like trying out a new restaurant together, or going for a run/bike ride in a scenic area of town.


Pick your targets at the gym. Your top priority should be your own body. Don’t be “that guy” at the gym, trying to pick up all the girls. At the same time, if you go to a place full of attractive women and not meet any of them, you are missing a great opportunity (and depriving those women of meeting a cool guy)!

The gym is a great place to meet attractive women – women who are in shape (or working on it), and have a sense of direction in their lives. What you might not realize is that the women you want to meet at the gym are also interested in meeting men!

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