Get a New Girlfriend in a Week

Take the Right Steps Today

I know it sounds far-fetched, but it?s totally possible to have a new girlfriend within seven days. I?m going to walk you through the process which I have personally followed too many times to count.

The first order of business is to start with yourself. It?s very hard to meet and attract women, when you don?t know yourself, and don?t like yourself.? So we?ll start there.

Day 1: Self-Reflection

I want you to imagine your ideal self ? the man you want to be, say, five years from now. How does he look? How does he move and talk? Imagine you are him ? answer as if you are him for the next 3 questions:

– Imagine you are going to die before your son is born. Write a letter to him, limited to only three sentences.
– On your tombstone, there will be three words under your name. What are they?
– Who is your hero and why? How are you different from him or her?

Day 2: Self-Appreciation

List 3 things you like about yourself.

List 10 of the most memorable compliments you?ve received.
Walk down the street, or run an errand; smile and swagger the whole way. Make your walk and movements into a dance, as if you are in your own music video. As you do this, say ?I like myself. I?m me, I?m unique. I?m the man.? Improvise, but basically hype yourself up.

Day 3: Others?Appreciation

Only take a week, guys

Go somewhere where there are lots of people. Find something you like about the first ten people you see. Go up to a clerk or employee, and before speaking to them as a customer, smile and say ?Hi, how are you?? with the warmest energy you can muster.

Smile at at least 3 women, young or old, with a warm, loving look.

Day 4: Ignition

Give three women a compliment on their style or fashion choices.
Say to two women, ?You are sooo pretty.? Be sure to smile, and then move on.
Walk up to one woman, and say, ?Excuse me. Forgive me for interrupting you, but I just had to tell you I think you?re beautiful. What?s your name??

Day 5: Momentum

Do the previous approach three times. Go to a mall or crowded area and be aggressive! Go home and start a journal. Write down three things you did well that day, and three things you can improve.

Go out to a bar, and have no more than three drinks. Talk to everyone ? guys and girls. Approach girls with simple compliments, e.g., ?I like your outfit/shoes/hair/smile.? Initiate small talk with guys by commenting on what?s on TV, or sports, or some local event.

Day 6: Get Two numbers, Follow Up on Previous Numbers

Do the same thing as Day 5, with a strong intention to offer your time to women you like. You will offer your time by offering to call her.

You will most likely have a couple numbers already from the previous two days. In this case, call them and set up a date.

Day 7: Date

Day 7 doesn?t necessarily have to come right after Day 6. It can be later in the week ? but it?s the 7th day of the sequence.

Day 7 is when you actually hang out with a woman you met.

Date plan for Day 7:

Go to a cheap, relaxed bar that also serves food, and preferably has a pool table or darts. Have a couple drinks, eat some finger-food, and play pool/darts.

Be physical in a protective way. Focus on learning about her ? how she ticks. At the end of the night, tell her you want to be lazy on your couch and watch a movie and say, ?you can join me as long as you don?t fall asleep and drool on me,? (or something equally silly).

If she declines, you?ll go for a kiss when you part ways. When the moment comes, walk up to her slowly, face to face, lean in, and give her a soft, slow kiss.

Tell her you?ll call her tomorrow, and then do it. She is your new girlfriend.

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