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How to Get a Same Night Lay


Getting Over The Next Obstacle

In my last blog, I explained how you can get a woman to trust you and accept the fact that you are not some sort of a crazy guy who she can’t trust to spend the night with. In this blog, I will share with you ways to overcome the second of the three main obstacles that stands in your way of achieving a same night lay (SNL).

Obstacle 2: ‘When Will I See Him Again?’


She is worried you will not call her again or want to meet up with her again after she has slept with you TOO soon.

Women believe that in order to gain a man’s respect, they have to play ‘hard to get’ and use sex as a reward for all the guys hard work, dedication and compliance. In most cases this is true, guys DO usually respect a woman more if she waits a while before letting him sleep with her (whether this is right or wrong is another argument entirely).

So how do you overcome this obstacle? Here are a few ways that will help, that I teach my students to use.

Future Projections

Use Future Projections with her such as:

“I can see us going to the beach together and swimming in the ocean, but I bet you will not be as good as swimmer as I am. In fact, I bet you wont even want to go in.”


“I can just picture you getting on with my friend Louise at one of our movie nights, she is crazy like you.”


“I can just see us going to see a movie, and you eating all the popcorn, making loads of noise and disturbing everyone, ha-ha.”

Keep your future projections lighthearted and playful, as these will work better than using something too serious or too INTENSE. Please AVOID using romantic future projections such as:

“I can picture us holding hands and walking through the park watching a beautiful sunrise.” This screams out the message, “I’M JUST ANOTHER GUY WHO IS FULL OF BULLSHIT.”

Plus remember, romance should come after you have slept with her rather than before. DO NOT GIVE HER TOO MUCH VALUE until she has earned it.

Future Meeting Suggestions

You can also suggest something CASUALLY during the interaction such as,

“There’s a cool art exhibition 2 weeks, you should come along.”

This again, establishes her belief that she will see you again (after the same night lay)

DO NOT suggest meeting up the next day or any day too soon, as this will just make her decide to wait until she sees you next time.

Whatever you do, DO NOT start promising her that you will see her again, or that you ‘truly, really truly really’ see her so much more than just another girl in the bar, YOU MUST NOT USE LOGICAL PURSUASION, it always comes across needy and desperate. This is not a business deal you are trying to seal, this is an emotional situation not a logical one.

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  1. Socialkenny PUA

    February 19, 2013 at 11:33 am

    Solid tips. These are pretty much the thing which I do to set the stage for ONS pulls. Sure there’s not just 1 way, but the tips Kezia gave were solid. The HB’s mindet is the biggest thing that can put a block to this happening (SNL), so the guy must be strategic.

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