The 5 Big Myths of Getting Laid

5 Myths of Getting Laid

I recently chatted with TSB Magazine?s current #1 ranked pick-up artist Jon Sinn about his new easy process for getting women in bed called the Seduction Roadmap .? According to Jon, getting laid is not as difficult as a lot of guys make it out be.

Here?s as part of our discussion where Jon goes over 5 Myths that prevent a lot of guys from getting laid:

1. Myth #1:? Approach Anxiety is the Only Anxiety Men Suffer From

JS: ?The first big myth that gets in the way of guys getting all of the sexual satisfaction they want, is that Approach Anxiety is the only kind of anxiety guys will have to deal with when it comes to getting laid.

In reality Approach Anxiety is often a symptom of a greater problem known as Sexual Anxiety.

Sexual Anxiety is the silent killer when it comes to meeting, attracting and seducing beautiful women. When you have sexual anxiety, you get nervous or uncomfortable when anything related to sex comes up. Sexual Anxiety can manifest itself as a reluctance to approaching, an inability to physically escalate an interaction with a woman, and even performance anxiety induced impotence.

That?s the bad news.

The good news is that Sexual Anxiety is very treatable. I?ve even put together a whole training on Sexual Anxiety that a psychologist friend of mine says rivals anything he?s ever seen in Behavioral Cognitive Therapy courses. Unfortunately, I can?t share it all in the time we have for this interview but I can give you a fast start to curing your Sexual Anxiety. The two basic things to keep in mind are experience and education.

By education I mean, you need to learn about sex, female anatomy, and what turns women on. I personally recommend the book The Guide To Getting It On by Paul Joannides. It?s well written, easy to read and funny.

By experience, I mean you need to get some experience with sex. And paying for it doesn?t count J The girl doesn?t need to be the woman of your dreams, but you need to experiment with different positions, acts, etc? Not only will this help you to explore your own sexuality, it will make you much more confident in later interactions with women.? I recommend guys go on a free internet dating website like to find a sexual partner quickly.

Myth 2: Women Are only Attracted to Men in One Way

JS:? The next myth is that women only get attracted to men in one way. When you look at all the dating advice out there, they all treat attraction like it?s a one size fits all process.

This neglects the reality of the situation, which is that women get attracted to guys all the time for all kinds of different reasons.

In fact recently, I sat down with a couple of my really hot female friends to interview them about all the different ways they get attracted to guys, and I was blown away by how many different ways they told me they could become attracted to a guy.

So I grouped these different types of attraction into three major categories.

  1. Value Based Attraction: This is the closest thing to what is generally accepted as attraction by most of the guys teaching out there. With value based attraction, the girl becomes interested in you based on things that you demonstrate that she views as valuable.
  2. Emotional Attraction:? This kind of attraction relates to the attraction a woman feels for you when you give her positive emotions. Emotional attraction is the most fickle of any type of attraction as emotions can change in an instant.
  3. Sexual Attraction: Sexual Attraction was the biggest discovery we made. For a long time we believed that women were physically attracted to men. But in these interviews we learned that physical attraction is just a small slice of a larger piece of the puzzle known as sexual attraction. Sexual Attraction is a new breakthrough which allows you to build attraction through the conveying of sexuality. In other words we were able to codifiy what it means to be ?sexy? to women.

So a big problem out there is that guys are using the first two kinds of attraction and COMPLETLY ignoring the third kind, which incidentally is the most important form of attraction for actually getting laid.

Myth #3:? Women Don’ t Enjoy Casual Sexual Relationships

JS: ?Yeah the third myth is something that most guys actually don?t want to believe.? The myth is that women don?t enjoy casual sexual relationships.

The problem is that most guys don?t know how to frame themselves, the woman and the interaction in a way that makes all of a woman?s objections to sex simply melt away.

I call the process of getting rid of these expectations; Sexual Framing.

Let?s look at the three most common objections to sex, and the sexual frames you can set to get rid of them FAST!

  1. ?The guy will think I?m a slut.? Women are much more concerned about their reputations than guys. Yes it?s a double standard but it?s also the way the World works. In order to get rid of this objection you have to frame yourself as a non-judgemental person.? By conveying that you are not going to judge her no matter what she does, you encourage the girl to do what she actually wants to do.
  2. ? What if everyone finds out??? Again women like doing slutty things, but they don?t like looking like a slut. So because of this, it?s important to convey that in addition to being non-judgemental yourself, you also don?t kiss and tell. In fact I like to use that exact phrase; ? I don?t kiss and tell.?
  3. ? What if it?s weird in the morning.?? This is one of the most fascinating things I discovered when I sat down with my female friends. One of the biggest objections women have to sex is not even related to sex at all. It?s related to how you act after you?ve had sex with her. That?s why it?s so important to convey that things will not get weird and you don?t take sex too seriously. If you can convince her it won?t be weird, you?ll be surprised at how quickly women will jump into bed with you.

Right now, you can view free videos where Jon gives a live demonstration of his #1 technique for creating sexual attraction and gives a step-by-step guide to sexual framing.

Check out the videos here.

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