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The 7 Girl-Friendly Accessories for Your Home

Necessary Owns

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m sitting in my girlfriend’s apartment writing this article. She’s off at class and I’ve taken my pants off, using her computer, and eating a bowl of soup. She won’t be back for a few hours, but I’ve got all I need to keep myself busy: a computer, no pants, and a bowl of soup. Men are such simple creatures.

If the shoe were on the other foot, however, and my girlfriend were alone at my apartment, then a computer, lack of pants, and bowl of soup would not fly. To make a woman feel comfortable, you need to adorn your place with more than just the “masculine necessities.” Below are the best accessories I’ve found to make my living space conducive to encounters with the opposite sex.

Female (and Non-Female) Hygiene Items

This seems obvious, but most guys don’t have an extra toothbrush and tampons in their place. I know how emasculating it feels to walk to CVS and buy a girly pink toothbrush and a box of tampons, but it goes a long way when you have women coming over on the regular.

In fact, I’ve had girls tell me that it’s a huge turn-off when guys don’t have those basic feminine necessities on hand. Other obvious hygienic items would be toilet paper, shampoo, and lots of soap. While it seems like every guy would think to stock up on these things, reality is that most don’t.

Hookah Pipe

Buy that hookah

This is one of those cozy things you pull out on a rainy day (or night) and use to relax. Hookah pipes are relatively cheap (most are under 50 bucks), but seem really cool and exotic. Also, while it’s sort of a “badass” thing, most women won’t have any qualms about smoking from it. Moreover, once you start smoking from the hookah pipe, it usually leads to more illicit activities—especially when you can blow smoke into a girl’s mouth and use that as a seamless path toward escalation.

Drinks and Mixers

While I don’t advocate getting woman smashed at your place, a nice stiff drink does wonders to take the edge off and loosen the two of you up. Unfortunately, you usually can’t offer a girl an ice cold brew like you would one of your friends. Most women prefer either wine or mixed drinks.

I try to keep 1 standby bottle of white and red wine and my special secret mixed drink…which I’m going to give away to you loyal TSB readers.

Rob’s love potion, a.k.a., a peppermint martini

Crème de Menthe
Peppermint Schnapps
Peppermint extract (optional)
Candy cane (optional)
Olive (optional)

The proportions are about 60 percent vodka, 20 percent Crème, and 20 percent Schnapps with a drop of the extract. BE CAREFUL! This drink is VERY strong and VERY delicious. Only have 1 or 2 rounds if you don’t want to end up completely plastered!

Provocative Books/Art

Here’s one I never considered: let women browse through your “dirty items.” If you own Nancy Friday’s The Secret Garden or some artwork that’s sexually explicit, feature it rather than hide it. By putting such items out in plain view, you invite women to begin sexualized conversations. For me, I have several pen-and-ink drawings I did in college of half-naked women that always gets women turned on.

A Blacklight or Candle

Okay okay, I know it sounds cheesy, but having some “mood lighting” really helps. If you have a blacklight left over from your college days, bust it out when you have women over. It floods the room with an interesting glow and creates a feeling like you’re in a nightclub. Also, candles are fantastic ways to set the mood and create a sexual atmosphere. It may feel a little weird, but do it! It’s much better than trying to get her in the mood under fluorescent lights!

Fruit (Especially Strawberries)

A big insecurity most people have when “getting busy” is that their breath isn’t fresh. If you’ve ever feared that, then imagine that feeling 10-fold for women. Nothing can ruin the mood faster than if she feels like her breath is a bit stale (or if yours is a bit stale). You can circumvent that problem without being intrusive or flagrant about it by offering some fruit. If you put out strawberries or grapes, you’ll freshen up your palates so that stale breath is no longer an issue. (Also, the peppermint martini is also great for a quick “breath check”)

A Great Playlist

Finally no trip back to your place would be complete without a sexy playlist. In fact, a playlist is so crucial that I actually wrote an entire article just dedicated to that 1 component of your place. Check it out here.

These items will not cost you a lot of money, nor will you have to exert much effort to feature them. However, adding them to your place will vastly increase the comfort a woman feels in your home, which, in turn, will increase her arousal. That’s a big win all around!

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