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How to “Tease” a Woman and Make Her Want You


By: Bobby Rio

“Tricks of the Flirting Trade”

I hate ?boring? conversations. I have no tolerance for them.? I would rather ?go down in flames? then spend an hour in ?interview mode? with a girl.

The thing about ?boring conversations? is that it is 100% your job to keep the conversation fun and interesting. A woman will follow your lead. If you blabber on about your job, she?ll blabber on about hers. If you stick to ?PG? topics, she?ll never open up and let you glimpse her wild side.

This is why I teach something called The Theory of Expectations.

This theory states that how you interact with a woman in the first five minutes of a conversation or a date will set the tone for the entire remainder of your time together. This is why it is important to get on a fun, playful, and flirtatious level right away.

The quicker you and the woman are having fun together, the more likely she is to begin to want you sexually, and the easier it will be to get a date with her, or get her back to your bedroom.

Now, in my Teasing and Banter Cheat Sheet I?ve provided you with a bunch of stock ?banter lines? that you can use immediately to set yourself up as a flirt. However, throughout the rest of the conversation you need to be able to continue teasing her from time to time so that the conversation doesn’t take a turn for the worse.

How do you ?tease? her?

Listen to her. But listen carefully.

A woman will give you all of the ammunition you possibly need to quickly turn the conversation to a more playful level.

What are you listening for? You are on the lookout for anything that she says that you can twist or misinterpret into something that you can use to tease her with. Some things to listen for:

A bossy side

Her “blonde” side

Double entendres (particular ones that can be taken as sexual)


Her wild side


Tease Her By Using Her Words Against Her

The reason that you?re looking for any of these things is because once you hear them you can then twist them and turn them into some kind of playful joke.

So say you?re talking to a woman and she tells you a story about how she reprimanded one of her co-workers for cutting in front of her at the copy machine. You could say

Nice.. a girl with a bossy side. Are you one of those girls who throws a temper tantrum when she doesn?t get her way?

(Stomp your feet on the ground in mock temper tantrum)

That?s cool though. I like bossy girls. Just not in the bedroom. You don?t have any whips or chains hanging under your bed?

If you want to get good at teasing a woman you have stop thinking about what you?re going to say the minute she stops talking and begin really listening to what she is saying and find the ammunition that she is giving you.

You can grab a free copy of my Teasing and Banter Cheat Sheet here.

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