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College Life: The Perfect Pregame

How To Start Your Night

It?s 8 pm on a Friday night. Classes are over and you can finally enjoy the debaucheries that coincide with being single and in college. The texts start coming in. ?Where are we going tonight,? ?Where?s the party at,? and my personal favorite, ?Let?s get drunkkk!? Your buds are dying to go out to get smashed and the girl you?ve been gaming all week in College Writing is finally free to hang out.

Only problem is, you haven?t prepped at all. Your bros, their girls, and most importantly, your girl, are getting pissed as they wait in your dorm room. The fridge is empty, despite still retaining the familiar smell of Natural Ice and cheap vodka. The numbers you?ve been texting to find a party are not responding. Worst of all, it?s getting late and the hotties sitting on your bed are about to bounce. Shit!!!

See, before ever setting foot into that frat house or apartment party, you have to set the context for the night. Pregaming gets you in the mood to go out and disregard your inhibitions. It is a college necessity, like ramen noodles and pizza. Throw a good pregame sesh and people (and I mean girls) will see you as the outgoing, party guy who knows what?s up. Follow these three steps, and you will master the art of the pregame in no time.

Have a Destination in Mind

This is the most important aspect of pregaming: the party. Bar and club schools don?t need to worry about this, but for the rest of the underclassmen in America that are not lucky enough to have a fake ID, you better take notice. Nothing is worse than when a bunch of people are shooting pong in your room, bro?ing out to Mac Miller, all having a good time until someone asks, ?So where are we going?? When the music cuts out and the pong ball stops bouncing, you better have a good answer.

Know at least one party on hand before you pregame. Bringing girls to a destination will build your social proof, putting in their mind that you are a social guy who knows what?s happening. To be in the know means being friends with all the social clicks. So go out and socialize with the sports teams, frats, and cute girls down your hall (hotties always seen to know where the parties at). Bring her to a banger and you?ll ensure yourself a good night.

Stock Your Fridge Up


Four Loko: The perfect pregame

With soda and juice, of course. Not. Who am I kidding, it?s college and college kids drink. That means your fridge should have all the necessities to ensure a perfect pregame. It?s okay to opt for the cheaper stuff like Natural Light, Admiral Nelson, or Rubinoff. But if you can afford it, I prefer to keep on hand a bottle of Grey Goose and Captain Morgan. To cater to those who want a lighter beverage, I usually have a thirty rack of Bud Light stacked neatly in my fridge. As long as you have enough alcohol to get everyone feeling good and ready to go out, the selection doesn?t really matter. Nobody wants to sit around playing water pong. Also, remember to have chasers and mixers ready, most girls hate to do straight up shots without a Powerade handy.

Setting the Mood

The party is a go. The booze is chilling in the fridge. Now it?s time to have fun. The music has to get people in the right mindset to rage. Ditch the Dave and the Jack Johnson (sorry bros) and opt for a mix of old school party tracks (R. Kelly?s Ignition is perfect), house music, and some top 40 sprinkled in. Try to have it build up in intensity as the pregaming goes on so everyone is fired up before you leave the building.

Make sure all the drinking tools are ready too. That means cups, pong balls, playing cards, and shot glasses. Pong is a classic, but try a game that gets everyone involved. My personal favorites are Kings and Chandeliers. For Kings, try playing it with a little twist. Whenever someone picks a queen, instead of talking in questions, have everyone ask that person a question. This turns sexual quick and will definitely get people in the right frame of mind.

All that?s left is a little room cleaning, some Febreeze, and you?re ready to have people over to pregame. Combining all of these elements will at the very least make sure your bros have fun, and if done correctly, will make sure she is too.

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