5 Tips to Being Irresistible to Women

How to Be?Irresistible to Girls

Being irresistible to women is more of a passive ability than something that you should go and aim to gain. What I mean by this is that there are actions that you can take to make yourself more desirable. But they are not necessarily go out and _____ and women will be falling to their knees as you walk by.

It just doesn?t work like that, but here?s the way it does:

1. Don?t Compromise

One of the biggest mistakes I see guys making will be to accept a woman, almost like ?I can?t get what I want so I will settle for you?. As we know, women are like tremendous sneaky psychic ninjas that know very well what our intentions are. Would you find a female appealing if she said that ?to you?? Not at all!

So go for women which you want and they?re going to discover a man who first of all knows what he wishes, and second goes after it, this is very attractive. It?s a major turn on when you now what you want and don’t accept anything less.

2. Do Not Be ?The Nice Guy?


Be irresistible

Have you ever heard that women like an asshole? You know why you?ve noticed it? Because it?s true. Well, kind of.

The easiest way to read this is switching the term good to predictable/dull and asshole to exciting/fun. When you first approach a woman do you think she wants to fuck the kind of man that stands in the corner clutching his drink to his chest waiting for the ?perfect? opportunity to approach her to reduce his chances of being rejected?

Or the man who is in the middle of the dance floor ripping it up like Chris Brown who meets eyes together with her and glides confidently over, pushing guys out of his way on his way over, after that tells her ?Hello my fine lady, you should purchase me a drink? with a cheeky grin?

Yep, the second guy is getting laid. FACT!

Within the first few weeks of little relationships while things are still new and never serious, ladies don?t love how nice you are, the good man is wanted months/years down the line into a relationship. At the start they want to fuck an exciting, cool, fun guy.

I?m not saying go out and work on it like an asshole, just don?t be the ?safe? guy who is trustworthy and cozy, you intend to be the fun, interesting man.

3. Don?t Try to Creep Your Way Into her Pants

You will find no magic tricks that can raise you to the level of the ladies that you really want. Make the most of all the things you have physically. If you?re thin, exercise and bulk up. In case you have bad skin, grow yourself a manly a beard. If you have shit style in clothes, have a sales girl tell you what would look wonderful on you. And more importantly purchase expensive boots. Haha, IF YOU WEAR EXPENSIVE BOOTS YOU WILL GET LAID.

Gain self esteem in yourself. If you don’t like yourself, how the fuck are girls going to find you appealing? So go ahead out, don?t fear speaking with people, talk about stuff that you enjoy and approach this with excitement. I have found that if you talk about something enthusiastically then people are likely to find it more interesting. Do things which you find fascinating and people will see you as interesting.

Be sociable. Women enjoy a man that they can take to a party or social occasion and never be concerned about him being creepy and wanting to be looked after. So become a sociable man and get yourself comfortable by speaking with people. This would have such an effect on your life in loads of ways that you will generally notice any changes almost immediately.

Don?t concentrate on tactics to be more attractive to women, improve your life until i is one that they are going to find attractive instead.

4. Stop Being a Fucking Pussy

Go and take what you want. The only sensible guidance anybody can provide you with out being in person and viewing exactly what you do and the way you do is to TRY.

See a girl you want, go and chat with her. Your chances are 100% better if you are in conversation with her compared to if you are not. If you want to kiss a girl, attempt to kiss her. If you don?t try, you wont get to. See where this is going?

As long as you confidently work towards what you want, and you are not taking action totally out of the blue in a creepy way then that it is really an appealing attribute to have. You may get shot down, but so fucking what? Go and begin talking to the first female which you find hot. Be a man and don?t apologize for going after what you want.


This can be by far the largest factor in getting women, in my opinion. TOUCH women.

Honestly, how many times do I watch guys having a great time with a girl and being frozen stiff in worry from touching her? It is bizarre. People like to be touched, our bodies react chemically in a good way to being touched, therefore DO IT.

Think about it you have just spent an entire night with a classy young woman, you have had scintillating dialog, hot eye contact, etc., and after 3 hours in this you have sacked up enough to touch her OH MY GOD!!!

It?s weird. It?s an issue right now. Whereas if when you first met, you hugged her, kissed her cheek, etc. Contact between you is normal and usual, even expected. The girl expects it and takes pleasure in it. This advice makes touching her sexy bits significantly less weird too.


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