5 Tips to Getting A Girlfriend

Loads of guys struggle with this and ask me about it all the time, some guys find it absolutely impossible to even talk to a girl. Others find it really easy but constantly find themselves in the friend zone. Some guys might even find it simple to go out, meet a girl, make her like him, take her home and get access to the secret chamber of squelch but cannot for the life of him get her to see him again.

These 5 tips are for the guys looking for something a little more long-term.

1. Finding The Right One

The most important piece of this puzzle. I always see guys trying to ?make? girls their girlfriend. This is because they are specifically looking for this and the girl they hang out with or whatever is the closest thing thy have to it. This makes guys trick themselves into thinking that they are the right girl for them, when most of the time they are literally just friends and not even good enough for them. Take some time and make sure she is right for you.

2. Don?t Rush In

Don’t fuck it up

You know that situation when you met somebody and they were over-friendly, a little too nice, overbearing almost? Remember how annoying it was? You thought they were clingy and just wished they would leave you alone. Yeah we?ve all been there, so don?t be that guy. When you have only met a girl a few times and you text her a million times a minute, this is exactly how she will feel about you. Don?t let it happen. Take your time and let feeling develop before you go all out.

3. Turn Up The Heat

In every relationship there is a time when you feel the atmosphere change between the pair of you (if you don?t know what I mean, then you are not at this stage yet). It is that point when you guys are boyfriend and girlfriend but have not had the ?official? talk yet. At this point it is completely acceptable to get ?cheese-ball? on her ass. This means adding all of the romantic shit to your repertoire, take her to dinner, go on romantic walks etc.

4. Make It Official

When this time arrives, there is no way of doing in a cool or smooth way, it has to be (it?s almost tradition) awkward and annoying. It?s just one of those situations where you have to just put yourself out there and risk rejection. So man up and ask her. (NOTE: You don?t have to actually ask, if you just slip into conversation that she is your girlfriend now, she will either ignore, which is accepting of it, or mention it, at which point stick to your guns, you asked now accept the consequences.)

5. Don?t Fuck Things Up

So now that you have her as your girlfriend, OH MY!

Don?t fuck it up by changing the way you do things, keep it interesting, go out and do fun shit, it is always tempting to just stay in, watch a film, snuggle on the couch, then have your regular missionary position, dull, boring sex. This is all well and good until some guy comes along and excites her, like you did in the first place. I am not saying she will cheat but even making her contemplate it is sometimes enough to break the special connection you have built.

Stick to these tips and you will be golden, but remember the most important thing is that it should be fn for both of you, so don?t be all clogged up with this info, don?t constantly think about this stuff, be aware but don?t spend too much time on it.


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About Dan Ray Dan Ray is an English writer specializing in the dating and relationship niche. He writes advice for both men and women as well as couples. He takes a certain “no excuses” approach to getting what you want out of relationships and life in general. Leaning more towards a natural/ physical style. You can find his work at collegeflirt.net where there is currently an ebook available, “The College Code” is a complete guide to getting the college lifestyle you dream about.

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