5 Things to Compliment Women On

One problem guys tend to have when talking to women is that they give too many compliments on how she looks. It?s OK to tell her she?s beautiful, once, at the beginning of the conversation, as an opener. But after that, your approval should be totally focused on her personality. Not only will this separate you from other guys, but it will give you a reason to take things further, in a way she will not resist.

1. Style

Shower her with these compliments

Women spend a lot of time trying to look attractive. All too often, a woman will spend hours getting her, makeup, and outfit looking great, and then all she hears from guys is ?You?re hot.? Notice the details of her appearance, and compliment her on her style choices. Tell her you like how her earrings look on her neckline. Tell her the color of her shirt looks great with her skin tone. Tell her you love that shade of lipstick. Tell her you like her hairstyle ? it fits her face perfectly.

2. Sexuality

This is something you should do later in the interaction, especially after you?ve touched her quite a bit. Tell her she has a very warm, sexual energy. Tell her you like how she kisses you. Tell her you like how she moves and cuddles with you. The key here is to encourage her sexual nature, without being disrespectful or overly forward. Gradually draw out the little sex kitten (or tigress) inside her. This takes experience, but as long as you are aware that there is a horny sexy woman hiding behind her cool fa?ade, you will become the kind of man women get wild with.

3. Smile and Laugh

A great easy way to show your sexual interest is by telling a woman you love her laugh or her smile. Most women are self-conscious about their laugh and worry that it?s ?ugly.? Sounds strange, I know, but I?ve heard this from so many women. Tell her you like it when she laughs, and that you?re going to make it your job to make her feel good, so that you can see her smile. This implies a lot of sexuality, makes her feel closer to you because you care about her well-being, and gives you a reason (her smile) to escalate physically.

4. Sense of Humor

This is another thing women are self-conscious about. Men tend to think that women aren?t that funny. But I?ve found that a lot of women are hilarious. Their sense of humor is cute and silly, and this turns me on. The problem is that women are insecure about their personality ? they are afraid to let go and be silly because they are worried the guy won?t like it. So you must draw this out. When she cracks a joke, smile and give her a squeeze. Laugh and joke back with her. At some point, tell her she?s a funny lady and that you like her sense of humor because it?s dorky, like yours. This will mean a lot and bring you closer together. Again, this also justifies you taking things to the next level physically.

5. Intelligence

This is my favorite. Women want you to like them for who they are as people. If a woman is smart, don?t be intimidated. Appreciate her. Tell her you like how smart she is, and how it?s awesome to meet a woman with beauty and brains. Never try to compete with her. You don?t have to. Instead, ask for her opinion, and always appreciate the insight she provides. She will become much more open to you sexually because she knows that you like her for her mind, not just her body, and that means you will stick around after she sleeps with you.

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