How to Compliment Her Outfit

How To Get Her Hot And Bothered With Your Compliments

A compliment never goes astray when you are attempting to get with a woman.

If you don?t want to come on too strong, admiring something that she?s wearing is a safe option- if you decide to go the route of telling her she has a hot body after you?ve just met, she might think you?re sleazy or too desperate. An outfit compliment shows her that you?ve noted how she looks by seeing what covers her, but aren?t enough of a creep to have thought about what?s underneath (or so you would have her believe). It also praises her great taste- which is always a nice thing to hear, but could send her gaydar into overdrive.

If you?re laying praise on her in an attempt to get her into bed, then it is safe to assume you?re not gay- but she doesn?t know that. With many famous fashion designers being gay men, it is easy to assume that any man that appreciates a nice dress must be gay.

Shoes especially put your sexuality open to interpretation, for reasons unknown to man. And, of course, you don?t want her to think you are gay, because then she will not consider you as a potential hook up (unless you?re really cute and she can?t help hoping even if she thinks you don?t swing her way). Complimenting a woman?s outfit without seeming queer is a subtle talent- and here?s how to do it right.

Don?t make it about the clothes

Rather than admiring the workmanship of the clothing, make it a compliment which flatters her personally. If you want to comment on her good taste, say that you love how she?s put her outfit together. This way, you?re praising something that she?s done, rather than the piece of clothing itself, which she has done nothing for other than hand over her credit card- unless she?s actually sewn the garment herself, and if you can tell it?s obviously home-made by its uneven shape or the way it?s falling apart, then it?s not really worth complimenting.

Rather than phrasing your compliment in terms of the clothes, put it in terms of her. Don?t say ?That?s a nice top?; say ?You look lovely in that top?.

The difficulties of flattering her footwear

Nothing signals ?gay? more than commending a woman?s choice of shoes. Don?t think about this fact of life too much, because it really doesn?t make sense. Just be aware that if you compliment her shoes and want her to think that you are attracted to her, you?re going to have to make your intentions especially obvious. You also have to be careful not to do it in the same sentence. If you say ?you look sexy in those shoes?, she might think you have a foot fetish- and even if you do, you might not want to tell her that especially if you?re not already well acquainted.

The trick is to comment on her shoes, and lavish plenty of other compliments on her as well, letting her know that you think she?s attractive. Perhaps not all at the same time, or it will come across as you?re trying too hard.

Don?t be scared off from praising what she?s wearing, for fear of her thinking you?re not interested. All you have to do is make sure she is aware you?re keen, and not just keen on her fashion sense.

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