How to Use Body Language

The Importance of Non-Verbal Communication

Have you ever heard he saying that 70% of communications is through non-verbal factors? Well it?s almost true. It?s actually closer to 60%, still over half, which however you look at it is a significant percentage (enough to warrant putting some effort into learning about it).

Use the cues

I place a LOT of emphasis on body language because it is much more difficult to hide your true feelings than it is with words. Body language doesn?t lie and can often give you an insight into what the other person is thinking and most importantly (in this article) if they want some.

There are hundreds of teeny tiny things that we do every time we are interacting with somebody, here are some things to look out for.

Eye Contact

Here are a couple of eye contact things to look out for besides from the basics, which most people know. Looking up means they are remembering something visually. Looking down stands for avoidance, they are shy or do not want to make eye contact with you. Looking sideways is when she is looking for threats indicating interest or on the other can be a sign of disapproval of what you just said.

Triangle Technique

Okay so when you are talking to a girl, a psychological phenomena occurs if she likes you. She will look at one of your eyes, then your lips, then your other eye. Like in a little triangle (see where it gets its name?). She looks at one eye to see if she can gain approval that you like her, then at your lips because she wants to kiss you and is checking out her target and then the other eye to double check for confirmation. If you notice this happening, kiss her NOW!

Pupil Dilation

It is psychological fact that when our eyes find something pleasurable to look at our pupils dilate (so they can see more of it). What is often ignored is the fact that when our mind becomes attracted to somebody or something it tells our eyes that it is attractive. This means, don?t worry if her eyes don?t dilate immediately upon seeing you. Give her chance for your magic to work on her and those eyes should be like little black holes.

Okay so that take care of the eyes, which I reckon are the most important bit of body language. The rest of this stuff is secondary. Having these eye things down is pretty much 90% job done, but if you need further confirmation that she wants you, read on good sir.


You may have heard of this but it is not as simple as people make out. When mirroring, she will copy your movements but maybe not exactly. It is more like this ? you will touch your face, then at some point in the next minute or so, she will perform the same hand movement somewhere. It does not have to be on her face or even her body, just the movement is mirrored.


While she is talking to you she will keep a physical check on her appearance because she wants you to think she looks good. The most common example of this is fixing her hair, and touching her lips. If she wants to look good for you, she wants to fuck you.

These things are not exact sciences but the general rules still apply, if a few of these things are happening you can almost guarantee she wants a piece of your pie.

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