When She Tells You She’s On Her Period

What to Say When a Girl tells You She’s on Her Period

With the average woman’s menstrual cycle going for 28 days and a period lasting for about a week, there is a one in four chance of the woman you’re trying to get with being on her period at any given time. So it’s likely that you will, on occasion, be cockblocked by her having her time of the month. But what are you meant to say when she reveals that she’s on her rags just as things are getting hot and heavy?

Is She Lying About Her Period?

It’s quite possible that she’s only telling you she has her period because she doesn’t want to sleep with you. You have to wonder why she would be in a situation which would necessitate telling you if she didn’t want to, but, if she changes her mind you have to respect that.

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If it is just an excuse, and she lied about having her period, then she can’t change her mind back because you’ll find out that she lied. So, if she doesn’t really have her period, then she’s either very sure she isn’t going to have sex with you, or she hasn’t thought too far ahead.

It’s hard to tell if it is an excuse or not in this case, but either way it doesn’t really matter. If she maintains that she is unwilling, even if you tell her you’re still keen on riding the red river, then you’re not getting any whether she wants to or not.

You Can Still Have Fun…

Just because it’s her time of the month, does not mean all sexual activity will cease. If you’re both comfortable with it, you can still have sex. It may be a bit messy particularly if she’s at the start of her period, so shower sex is a good option. Or, if the thought of venturing downstairs during her time of the month makes either of you cringe, she could pleasure you. Make sure to promise her that you’ll return the favor next time.

If she doesn’t want to engage in any kind of sexual act with you, then she’s probably not too interested in you and is just using her period as a way to say no.

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Be Mature About It

Although periods are regularly experienced by half of the population, the taboo around discussing a woman’s menstrual state means that, unless she is quite comfortable with herself, she will feel embarrassed to have told you. The worst thing you could possibly do is laugh or express disgust, which will only make her more uncomfortable. Be understanding about it, whether you choose to end things there or not!

Be Happy She Told You!

It’s the stuff of urban legends- when a woman is too nervous to tell her sexual partner that it’s her time of the month, and he ventures to her nether regions only to discover it for himself. By telling you beforehand, she has spared you this awkward experience, and allowed you to choose whether or not to proceed.

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