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Strip Club Seduction Tactics: Deflecting The Lap Dance

In Part One of my series on Strip Club Seduction, I explained why seducing strippers ? i.e. flirting with them, causing them to feel genuinely attracted to you, and hooking up with them outside of the club ? begins with establishing yourself as a non-customer.

Why is this so essential? Because strippers don?t have sex with customers.They view customers strictly as ATM machines from which they withdraw cash.(By the way, there are sleazy establishments where you can get ?extras? in the back room for a price, but what I?m talking about here is getting laid by strippers for real, because they really like you?without having to pay them a dime.)

Don’t be a customer

The first (and primary) challenge you?ll need to overcome in the strip club is deflecting the inevitable lap dance requests. This is the moment of truth that separates the chump customers from the strip club champs. You?ll be sitting there chilling with your drink, and within a few minutes a stripper will approach you and ask if you want a ?dance.? As you already know if you?ve spent more than five minutes in a strip club, this means she?s asking you to fork over $20 or so for her to grind on your lap and cock-tease you for the duration of one song.

It?s amazing to me that I used to blow hundreds of dollars in strip clubs on this form of so-called ?entertainment.? Trust me, once you learn the right stripper seduction tactics and start banging these hotties back at your crib, you?ll think lap dances are a complete joke!

It?s the customers who go to strip clubs to buy lap dances. I should add, a lot of these guys also go to sit with a pretty girl who will listen to them bitch about their miserable lives and the fact that their wives haven?t given them a blow job since the Clinton administration. Strippers are excellent at playing the ?sympathetic listener? role for all of the emasculated, sexually frustrated chumps (i.e. the average married man) who visit the clubs.

Any stripper who?s been working just a few months in the club understands more about male psychology than most therapists. In the Strip Club Seduction program, I explain how to use this fact to spark cool, interesting conversations with strippers.

You tell her something like:

?You must be a total master of psychology from working here and dealing with all of these different types of men, especially the married guys. Actually, I bet you know more about married guys, and what makes them tick, than most relationship experts. You could set up your own private practice and do marriage counseling, etc.”

Strippers always laugh at this and take it as a compliment. You?re showing that you respect the fact that there?s more to her job than just showing her tits?and you don?t just see her as a sex object. This opens a cool conversational gateway. You can get her to share some experiences and funny stories about customers (again, always framing yourself as the OPPOSITE of ?those guys?).

Just keep it light and funny. Don?t get her talking about the weirdos and creeps, which might put her in a negative, man-hating state of mind.

Now let?s get back to handling lap dance requests. When a stripper approaches you and tries to sell you a dance, you?ve got to be careful how you answer. If you accept the invitation, you automatically get stuck in their Customer Zone (this is basically the strip club equivalent of the dreaded ?friend zone?).

From that point forward, no matter how funny and clever you are, and no matter how much cash you spend, she is NOT having sex with you. You are a customer and nothing more. The minute you stop spending money, she?ll move on to the next target.

On the other hand, if you turn down the dance the wrong way, you might offend her, or look like a cheapskate who?s only there to ogle the chicks for free. So the correct move is to say something like this:

?Naw, I?m cool. I?m actually here to see a friend of mine.?

Naturally, she?s going to wonder who you?re here to see. And this is an opportunity for you to frame yourself as an ?insider??a guy who knows people in the strip club world and understands the game. This is one of the clearest ways to communicate that you are NOT a customer, which means she won?t try to hustle you like one.

So, she asks me who I?m here to see. If it?s a large club, I?ll just say ?Lisa, she?s a good friend of mine.? There?s no way the stripper will know the names of all of the girls who work the different shifts, and they all have two names anyway (their real name, and their ?stage name?).

Or, as I explain in the Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction book, you can also build Social Proof in the strip clubs and use the name of a staff member. You can tell her you?re there to see ?Mike the DJ? or ?Johnny the doorman? or ?My buddy Tony the bartender.?

In reality, you didn?t come to the club to see any of these guys. But you?ll have met them before. You know who they are. Once you know some of the guys who work at the club (and it only takes a five-minute conversation with them to say you ?know? them), you can always use them as your reason for being there. It?s very easy to establish these relationships once you use a few of the tactics in the Strip Club Seduction book, in the chapter where I talk about Building Alliances.

Now that you?ve shown her that you?re NOT at the club as a ?customer,? you can invite her to sit down with you:

?Your feet must be killing you in those heels?I don?t know you girls do it. Take a seat, there?s something I want to ask you real quick??

Make her want you

This gets her to sit down, and she?s curious to hear my question. This is when I transition into one of my Strip Club Conversation Starters. I?ve got several powerful topics/penetrating questions that I can always use to spark a conversation with a stripper. (They?re designed to tap into the ?stripper brain? and trigger certain emotional buttons.)

One final note: Getting lap dances can be OK as long as you aren?t the one buying them. I used to have a strict ?no lap dances? rule for myself when I was developing my Strip Club Seduction system. But one time, while I was at a strip club in Las Vegas celebrating my birthday and the booze was flowing, a buddy of mine started buying me lapdances and practically forcing hot girls on me?and I wound up having a great time and hooking up with two strippers I met that night!

If I?d been buying the dances for myself, it would have screamed ?customer.? But because my friends were the ones paying, and I was just going along with it and pretending to be a good sport, I was still able to avoid the Customer Zone.?

So here?s a fun tactic you can use. The next time you go to a strip club with your buddy, give him some money and tell him he?s in charge of buying your lapdances tonight. Then, when you see a smoking hot stripper you want to hang out with, give your buddy a nod. It?s his job to go pay for the stripper for a dance and play it up like you NEVER buy dances, but he?s going to treat you to one?

The trick in this situation is to not touch the girl. Act amused while she?s giving you the lap dance (giving no indication that you?re getting turned on), and then stop her about half-way through and get her to sit down beside you, so you can engage her in a conversation and start putting your Strip Club conversation tactics to work.

This technique can come in handy when you?re dealing a stripper who?s a ?pro? and is uptight about making money. No matter how tight your game is, you will encounter strippers who have conditioned themselves to NOT spend time hanging out with guys in the club who aren?t spending anything. With this technique, your buddy buys the dance, and you get some time to chill with her and build a connection?while never getting placed in the Customer Zone.

And hey, let?s face it ? sometimes you?ve just gotta see those unbelievable tits up close. With this technique you get to do that, too?and if you play your cards right, it will only be a preview of the ?private show? you get later, back at your place!

I put together a short, free video that explains some of my most lethally effective strip club seduction tactics. This is an easy-to-learn, step-by-step system that you can start using TONIGHT. Click here to take a quick look.



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