Easy Ways to Up Your Scoring, Part 2

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Unfortunately many guys are still under the impression that only girls have to invest time and money to amp up their appearance. Hey, this is the twenty first century. Wake up! Girls? expectations have changed and if you want to up your scoring rate (and let?s face it, who doesn?t?) it?s a good idea to think through the basics of body care. Simple advice that will transform you into a better man.

More Skin

Watch your face

Have you ever considered what your skin might feel like? Come on, try it out. Wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself some loving strokes. Hang on, don?t get carried away. We are simply assessing the feel of your skin.

Does it feel smooth and inviting? Or has it got a rather rough feel to it?

Well, if you get the impression you are rubbing over a cheese grater then it is time for serious exfoliation. Get yourself a loofah brush or if you want to spend a little extra invest in an exfoliation lotion and rub away. At least once or twice a week. You will notice how the exfoliation effect gradually gets rid of any unevenness and makes your skin as smooth as a baby?s bottom. Something women love to touch.


Surely I do not have to say that a shower every morning is essential. BO is NOT a turn on as some guys might think, in fact it is one of your worst enemies in the land of pick up.

To make the clean fresh smell last through the day invest in some cologne and deodorant. Ideally the same fragrance otherwise you are mixing fragrances possibly ending up with some weird combination.

But beware there is one thing that is almost as bad as BO. Too much aftershave! If a guys perfume doubles up as a room deodorizer then it is definitely overdone. Stop right there. Elegance lies in subtlety. And after all a good fragrance is expensive. It is worthwhile investing in the good stuff as it will keep its beautiful smell for a long time. The cheap stuff often transforms into cat piss faster than you can sweat.

Stand Up Straight

Another thing that you should consider, and that does not have to cost you any money, is your posture. You can be tall, you can be athletic, you can have the sexiest face but if you are hunched over like the guy from Notre Dame then you have already lost 90% of your appeal. Think of a piece of string being attached to the top of your head and someone pulling you up from there. Chest out and bottom in that is how you present yourself to the world in the best possible way.

If you have problems with your posture, go to Yoga classes. In addition to the benefits for your appearance they are an ideal place to pick up trim girls with substance.

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