How to Get That One Super Hot Girl

How to Score the 9 or 10

So, you?re out in a bar and you see her, time slows down, a wind machine magically appears but is somehow only aimed at her hair. It?s that classic scene from an 80?s film but somehow in the middle of a bar in 2011. Then you realize ?oh shit, I?m staring,? you look away and don?t look at her again just in case she sees you looking. Again.

That fear that you feel around her is not for any ?real? reason, it is simply a value that you place on her because you feel that she is better than you because of the way that she looks.

In some cases, these girls can be really bitchy initially, but this is usually a way of dealing with the type of men that usually approach her, those high in confidence, handsome, a little bit douchey guys.

You however, are not one of those men (the douchey bit anyway), and we are going to use that to our advantage to help you meet this ?out of reach? woman and see where things might lead with her.

If you have ever approached one of these women before, maybe even flirted a little bit, you will know that as soon as things start to go well, she will begin to flirt with you, or start to touch you a bit. Then POOF as if by some form of woman magic, it is over, you don?t even know what happened but she has turned her back and is talking to somebody else taunting you with her amazing ass.

This happens for one simple reason, you have given her what she wanted, the usual attention that she gets from every other guy that approaches her, she is used to guys coming over, spouting their best lines and then giving her the attention that she expects. YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT!

I have experienced this loads of times, a couple of months ago, I was dealing with one of these types of girls in my favorite local bar. I thought things were going well, I was being a little bit aloof but also sincere when I felt like it.

I was being different from the ?other guys? not giving her the attention that she craved. And then it happened … she kissed me. Not a little kiss, but a full-on passionate kiss. Then afterwards, you guessed it, POOF, as if by some form of slut magic, she was gone.

You see, what had happened is that I had been no different. I was acting like I was different but as soon as she pushed the boundary to a kiss, I reacted the same as every other guy. I melted and became the majority, rather than the exception.

I gave her what she expected.

It is not even that difficult, all you have to do is play along with the 2 steps forward, 1 step backward concept, the idea is that you are nice to her (in a sincere way) but before she gets that expected reaction from you and pigeon holes you with the rest of the guys she never sees again, you throw in a bit of mean. Not so much mean as teasing. You basically throw her a curve ball just as you are about to fall into your expected role.

This does 1 key thing, it allows you to build a sincere connection while at the same time, staying out of that role she is trying to force you into.

It is actually a really cool thing to watch happen as you get to know each other better, you can almost see the bricks of her wall falling away the longer that you spend together.

A lot of times these girls don?t really know how to act in this situation as they don?t usually find themselves in it. But trust me, when you get through it and make a real connection with her, she WILL drop the bullshit fa?ade

The point of this article is to help you get that next level of hot mojito girls, you do the same shit and you will get the same shit, I think Einstein said this, but maybe not in these exact words.

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