5 Questions with Maurice Jackson on Flirting, the Friend Zone, and How to Tell if A Woman Likes You

I recently had a chance to talk with Maurice Jackson of Supernatural Seduction System.?? In this short, but informative interview we will discuss some techniques for flirtatious behavior (read Maurice?s awesome Flirting Tutorial).

We will also discuss how to avoid the friend zone, build attraction, and how to know if a girl likes you.

Get out there

1.? Where do guys usually go wrong trying to flirt with woman?

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer your questions. I have been “underground” for a while, and now I think it’s time to help other guys out there who have trouble with women. My name is Maurice Jackson and I’ve been helping guys with advice on girls since 2008 ever since I started Supernatural Seduction. Before that I was a total chump and I spent a good 4 or 5 years of my life buying books online and watching DVDs on how to improve my game with women.

So let?s answer this question?

Most guys either flirt too aggressively and come off as way too strong, or they don?t flirt enough and get put into the friends zone. The trick here is to make sure you perfect the balance between showing your interest and indicating that you like her, but also stepping back a little and making sure she chases you when you move away.

Remember, you can use the flirtatious interaction between the two of you to serve as a yardstick to measure how interested she is in you. In short, this is how to test her interest. If she responds in any way shape of form that is remotely positive (that is she doesn?t just reject you) and kind of plays along, then you have a chance. If she doesn?t respond well, try it a few more times and see what she does. If after a few attempts she?s still not playing nice, then you know she doesn?t like you that way. Of course, this is an over simplification but it points you in the general direction.

There are two things I like to keep in mind when flirting with women:

1. Be fun and playful
2. Push and pull her

Remember, when you?re flirting with women, you want to make sure she is more attracted to you after the interaction. How are you going to build any sort of attraction if you take things too seriously?

That?s why you need to relax and always make a few jokes around her. Now, I?m not saying you have to be a comedian and come up with great routines. The clever use of sarcasm and role reversal is more than enough to demonstrate your cool and seductive personality. The cool thing is, this also incorporates the “push/pull” principle I mentioned above.

What do I mean by using sarcasm and role reversal?

Role reversal is the concept where you reverse the roles of the interaction. So if she’s a hot chick, then normally society dictates that you as the man should be the one that’s pursuing her and trying to seduce her. So this means that she has all the power over the relationship because she’s the one doing the choosing and you’re the one doing the chasing.

That totally sucks.

What you want to do is FLIRT with her, but at the same time make her do the chasing.

You want to disarm her ability to use sex as a weapon against you so she’ll have no idea how to handle a man like you and just drop her panties in excitement. Sweet!

This is how to do it exactly.

Step 1 – Purposely reword her sentences or read her intentions in a way that results in her always trying to get into your pants.

Step 2 – Be the innocent victim and pretend you don’t want her to seduce you.

Saying things like “hey, I’m not that easy you know?” or “Are you staring at my butt”? with a straight face to an attractive girl that you have some sort of rapport with makes her crack up.

Why does this work?

She knows for one that you’re not serious, and you don’t need to actually come up with witty lines or clever things to say to be funny. Reversing the roles immediately forces you to use sarcasm and creates a funny scenario.

2. How can a guy balance creating rapport, yet avoid falling into friend zone?

The easiest way to avoid the friends zone and build rapport FAST is to talk about the topic of dating and relationships with her as soon as you can. The faster you can move into this zone the more likely you’re going to be able to be a potential sexual partner than just “a friend”. So how do you set up the interaction so that you talk about dating and relationships easily?

I like to use “my friend XYZ” and use that imaginary friend as a lead to start asking her questions that I really want to know.

Here are some steps to follow:

Step 1 – Create an imaginary friend.

Step 2 – Give that imaginary friend a general relationship problem.

Step 3 – Ask her for her general opinion about that relationship problem.

Step 4 – Relate her personally to that relationship problem.

Step 5 – Tease her about being a bad person to date.

You can combine all the steps into one sentence to make it flow.

Here’s a working example:

You: Hey my friend David has been telling me that his girlfriend says he’s cheating by talking to other girls online. What do you think?

Her: Oh I think talking to girls online is ok as long as he doesn’t want to meet them.

You: Oh so you would be ok if you’re boyfriend was chatting to other random girls on Facebook?

Her: well maybe I’d have a look to see what they are talking about.

You: Oh you’re one of those stalker girlfriends who checks up on her boyfriends messages! You’re a psycho GF! I’m going to call you Psycho Girl!

Her: No I’m not, I’m just blah blah…

As you can see, once you start the conversation like that, you can easily move in and ask her more personal questions slowly. Just make sure you segment into the relationship talk using your imaginary friend as a disguise and you’ll be able to chat to her about dating and relationships really easily. If you pepper in the correct usage of teasing and even better, create a nickname for her that you use all the time, then you’d be able to create rapport instantly and have a awesome and interesting conversation.
For more of the interview, CLICK HERE.

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