How To Bang a Celebrity

How Ordinary Guys Can Score With Hot Women From Film And Television

So when you get to the level that I currently operate it can go to your head a little. My group of friends know me as the guy who can pull anybody, however when I told them about my latest mission they laughed in my face, openly mocked me and in some cases cock blocked me by using my own words against me, sigh.

The only way to end this barrage was to accomplish my mission: FUCK A CELEBRITY! (Note that I said celebrity, not a reality TV star or wannabe model, an actual celebrity, somebody who when I mention her name people who I am talking about.)

Now in the last three months, I have fucked three celebrities, with the help of some trips to London (because celebrities live there) and some wings I met online, the latest of which is smoking hot, she is on TV almost daily and even has a calendar out.

Here are my top tips for banging a celebrity:

1. Pretend you don?t know who they are

Now this has been the deciding factor in each of my ?celebrity pulls?, I have not let on that I know that they are famous. And each and every time, they have not mentioned it either.

This makes me think that sometimes, they don?t want to be a celebrity, they want to fuck guys who actually like them, not just for their status, of course this was a key thing in all of my pulls, but I also found them all extremely fucking hot!

Be normal with them and don?t mention fame, treat them like any other super hot girl and don?t get stars-truck.

2. Don?t flash your cash

These girls get hit on by loads of mediocre semi famous alllll the time. The guys will try to buy their way into the girls pants, this does not work.

When I first went out to try and bag a celeb I went in with the theory that I would buy her drinks so that I wasn?t taking advantage of her wealth or whatever, WRONG!!! In all 3 that I have boned, I have spent very little money at all throughout the process (with the exception of buying one a mayo chicken from McDonalds).

Don?t spend money on them, let them spend it on you.

3. Their friends are your friends

In all cases I have been met with a ridiculous amount of cock blocks, throwing test after test at me before allowing me access to their friends cooch.

Although this is nothing new when trying to pull the hottest women, On these occasions it seemed that the pull was in the bag after the introduction and bit of teasing, then the rest of the time (a few hours some times) was making sure her friends were cool with me.

The good thing about this is that as soon as they were cool with me, I was in their bubble, they cock blocked any guys who tried to swoop her away from me and encouraged us to get a taxi home together etc etc.

Making friends with a celebrities non-celeb friends was a master stroke. It is generally not too difficult to achieve either. A couple of risqu? jokes and some banter and they were mine. BEWARE of the gay guy friend though, he will make your night hell.

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