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4 “Secret” Conversation Topics


By: Bobby Rio

What are the Best Conversation Topics for Talking to Women?

The Best Topics for Conversation on Dates, Bars, or Anywhere you’re Looking to Pick up Women

I’ve been teaching men how to improve their conversation skills and learn to talk to women in an attractive way for several years now? and one question seems to keep coming up over and over again and over and over again?

“What conversation topics do I talk about on dates or when meeting women out?”

Doesn’t surprise you, does it?

If you spent any amount of time in the dating world than it is highly likely that at some point you’ve experienced the frustration of running out of things to say, awkward silences, and struggling to find topics of conversation that are not flat out boring, or getting stuck in small talk.

I call this the “What do I Talk About” Syndrome.

And it stems from the fact that most men have no clue what are good conversation topics to generate attraction in women.

Sure, by now you probably realize that “interview mode” never leads to attraction.

?But you’re probably still wondering ‘what the hell do I talk about to fill all that dead air with a woman- and what conversation topics will actually lead to her feeling attraction towards? me?”

4 Conversation Topics to Quickly Move to Flirting

Conversation Ammunition

Well, before I get into the actual topics? let’s first talk about why it is so important to introduce the right topics into your conversations with women…

I already mentioned “interview mode.”? Interview mode usually stems from guys having no clue what to say next? so they revert to asking boring “fact based” questions about the woman’s job, hometown, or family.

“Do you have any siblings?”
“Where did you go to college?”
“What made you decide to be a nurse?”

The main problem with these questions is that they are generic.? They don’t separate you from the hundreds of other guys who have probably asked the same questions? nor do they ignite any emotions or feelings of attraction.

Yet, because you don’t know what topics to talk about? you continually let the woman lead you into this dead end trap of a conversation.

Having a repertoire of topics that you can unleash at any moment allows you to remain in control of the conversation.

If you read the “Gary Null Story” in my? The Small Talk Tactics report than you saw how I easily handed over control of the conversation to the woman- and was stuck talking about health food for the next hour.

If you don’t have the ammunition to keep a conversation flowing naturally towards YOUR OBJECTIVE? she will likely steer the conversation towards something “safe” and “boring.”? (and you’ll likely catch her giving one of your mates a hand job an hour later)

But ultimately the most important reason to have pocket full of “sexy” topics you can whip out at any time is that it will provide you with a level of “conversational confidence” that will power you talk to a lot more women.

The number one fear that holds most men back from approaching a woman they are interested in is the fear of awkward silences and running out of things to say?? And if you can inject your consciousness with a steady stream of topics? you’ll be much more “quick witted” and this fear will eventually disappear? and you’ll naturally find yourself talking to women wherever you are.

What are the traits of good topics for conversation on dates or at bars and clubs?

Not all topics are created equal.

And most will just bore her silly.

She doesn?t want to hear about your job.? She doesn’t care about how long you’ve lived in your current city.? And if one more guys asks her “Do you come hear often?” she will probably scream.

So what are some traits of topics that she DOES want to talk about.? And more importantly? what are the traits of topics that will lead you to your desired outcome? ATTRACTION.

6 Traits the best?conversation topics possess

1.?? A good topic should create rapport.

In order for two people to connect, they must first find something to relate to each other on.? You must choose a conversation topic that will allow her to relate to you in some way.? This will give you an opportunity to build trust, and foster a connection with her.

It is only after she feels that connection will she let her guard down and be much more open to continuing the conversation.

2.? A good topic should ?promote an emotional state.

Most of us walk around in what I refer to as “a boredom trance.”? Every day life keeps us defunct of any real emotions.? So we crave emotions.? This is why the entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar a year business.? It satisfies our hunger for an emotional state.? If you choose conversation topics that ignite these lost or repressed “positive” emotions, the woman you are talking to will be putty in your fingers.

3.? A good topic should make you appear three dimensional.

When a girl meets you she has trouble differentiating you from the hundreds of other guys who have approached her over her life.? It is a tmie management tool for her to group you in with all of them and reject you.

This is why it is important that you immediately introduce topics that will create a unique identity for you.? It is even more important to add some contradictions to your identity.? This will not only make you unpredictable? but it will allow her to imagine herself having fun with you in different types of situations.

4. A good topic provides hooks to keep a conversation flowing.

Ultimately you want to get her to open up to you, express her wants and desires, and become invested in the conversation.? The best way to do this is provide” hooks” for you to chime in.? This means that a good conversation topic acts as “bait” to hook her into becoming more emotionally involved in what you’re talking about.

5.? A good topic allows you to display your “attractive” qualities.

There are certain characteristics that girls universally are attracted to.? These characteristics include:? pre-selected by other women, social proof, leader of men, worldly, passionate, fun, and adventurous.? The more of these characteristics the conversation topic allows you to display ? the better.

6.? A good topic leads to sexuality.

If your goal is to create sexual attraction in a woman then ultimately you need to begin to build sexual desire and tension.? And the topics of your conversation must? help promote you doing this.? This means that a good conversation topic should be visceral; it should lend itself to touching, and should produce an undercurrent of sexuality.

Types of Conversation Topics

Now, I made a short video outlining the 4 best topics of conversation for attracting women, where I specifically talk about four first date conversation topics that fit all of these criteria.? I also give the exact sequence you should introduce these topics into the conversation.

Generally there are about 12 suitable topics.? Some of these “suitable” conversation topics include:

  • The topic of music
  • Early childhood memories
  • Food
  • Future ambitions
  • Travel
  • The both of your passions
  • Observations about her
  • People watching observations
  • Pop culture
  • Glorified gossip
  • Obstacles you’ve overcome
  • Unusual experiences
  • Lessons you’ve learned

Generally, sticking to any of these topics of conversation will lead to the 6 six traits that I listed that a good conversation topic should possess.

4 ‘All-Time’ Best Conversation Topics

Like I mentioned earlier, I recently put out a free video where I walk you through my four favorite conversation topics? and give you the exact sequence to introduce these topics into your conversations with women on dates or just meeting out.

This video will also reveal:

  • 4 Conversation topics that get her opening up ? and Begging? to keep the conversation flowing, as she is starting to feel desire and attraction towards you
  • The exact order to introduce these topics into the conversation for strongest and most powerful effect
  • One topic that is such a refreshing change of pace from her current reality that she’ll likely be telling her friends about you for months to come.

I think after reading this article on conversation topics that you will surely agree how important choosing the right topics can be.

Choosing “safe” or “boring” dating conversation topics can lead to a woman quickly losing interest and ending the conversation.

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