Top Five Movies of Thandie Newton

There is one movie in Thandie Newton?s filmography that I have no interest in ever seeing. Ever. There are very few movies like that. I can be convinced to watch certain things ironically that I know are horrible (like ?Troll 2,? ?Plan 9 From Outer Space? or ?Reefer Madness?), I can be convinced to watch something that someone else is excited to see (meaning, yes, I would occasionally go see a Kate Hudson romantic comedy) or I might find something interesting to watch like the set design or direction.

The lovely Thandie Newton

Then there are movies like ?Fever Pitch.? I will never see that movie. Not because it takes great source material from Nick Hornby and tries to convert it to an entirely different sport/obsession, though that can?t help. No, it?s because I know the ending. At the end, my favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals, lose the World Series. I don?t have any interest in watching that happen again.

Thandie?s movie is ?The Truth About Charlie.? It?s a remake of one of my favorites, ?Charade? that stars two of my all-time favorite actors in Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. As pretty as Thandie is and as well as she acts, it?s very tough to eclipse Audrey. I won?t even stain Grant?s legacy with a comparison to the male lead. (As an aside, another movie in this vein as far as remakes go is the 1998 remake of ?Psycho.? Sure, it might be watchable, but then, if that is all you can do, why not go to the classic 1960 original? You have to have reviews saying, ?Oh my GOD, this is the best movie made in the history of SINGLE-CELLED ORGANISMS,? to make me think a remake of a great movie will be worth watching. However, great, like most things, can be debatable. I?m looking at you ?Planet of the Apes.?)

Anyways, now that I?ve got that out of the way, let?s go on to the movies that I would want to watch. Though I probably won?t see the upcoming Tyler Perry?s ?Good Deeds,? these five movies are definitely worth my time.

5. Run Fatboy Run

I?m not sure if you can tell from these top five movies lists that deal with beautiful women, but I am a big fan of Simon Pegg. (See the reference to ?Hot Fuzz? when I talk about Gabrielle Union.) This movie stars and has a writing credit from Pegg, as well as assistance from Michael Ian Black (?The State,? ?Ed?) and direction from David Schwimmer (?Friends?).

4. W.

As I said in the recap of the movies of Elizabeth Banks, this is a capable, average movie. Though because Thandie plays Condoleezza Rice, all I want to see is a turn by Thandie in ?30 Rock? playing Jack Donaghy?s girlfriend (which brings us back to Elizabeth?and scene.)

3. Mission Impossible: 2

I know it?s fun to make fun of Tom Cruise. Dude is more than a little off, and because he has been making good movies for over 30 years and has more success than just about any actor except Harrison Ford, he is an easy target. Still, this franchise is some of the most fun you can have in a theater, and Thandie leads the way in the great looking leading women that star in them.

2. Crash

I covered this in talking about Sandra Bullock and her movies, but I have to say this for the movie and Thandie. When I think of images from the movie, the one that immediately comes to mind is the one of Matt Dillon rescuing Thandie from a burning car. The context may be heavy handed, but that is still one hell of a scene.

1. Flirting

Thandie, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts as boarding school girls and this movie poster pretty much says it all, doesn?t it?

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Thandie Newton top five?

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