Top Five Movies of Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba makes me think of magazine covers. A quick internet search and I realize why. Yes, Jessica has been inundating my mind with her magic every time I pick up a gallon of milk, munchies or other miscellaneous sundries. If I was to believe in priming, and I?m not saying I don?t, I would think that it?s all been in service to get me to go see the upcoming ?Machete Kills? and ?Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.? Not that I would mind checking out those flicks as you?ll see I think highly of the original movies.

Because those two movies came to me so easily, imagine my surprise that there wasn?t much else in her filmography that excited me. ?Dark Angel?? Yeah, it was a cool idea and it seemed to bode well for the future of sci-fi fantasy shows on TV, but it was no Buffy, and the true renaissance of sci-fi fantasy would have to wait until ?Battlestar Galactica? and ?Lost? two years after ?Dark Angel? ended. (I wonder if ?Dark Angel? had done better then ?Firefly? would have lasted longer. Maybe that?s a little bitterness creeping into my thoughts.) ?Idle Hands?? Yeah, I wanted that to be better than it was and the same could be said for ?Fantastic Four.? So, whatever the reason, I find Jessica extremely attractive and will enjoy her presence in the near future hopefully as much as these five movies from her past.

5. Awake

I have to admit that ?Fantastic Four? almost made the cut, but since I?ve seen that movie (and whew, I can?t unsee it) I decided to go with the potential of this one. Jessica joins Hayden Christensen, Terrence Howard and Fisher Stevens and fingers crossed I hope it is more like ?Shattered Glass,? ?Hustle and Flow? and ?Mystery Date,? and less like ?Star Wars Episode 2,? ?Movie 43? and ?Short Circuit 2.?

4. The Killer Inside Me

Michael Winterbottom, the director behind the hilarious TV show/movie ?The Trip,? directed this tale about a Texas cop who moonlights as a serial killer. Or is it the other way around? I would think the serial killer bits would take place at night by the light of the moon, so yes, I had it right the first time.

3. Meet Bill

Jessica, Elizabeth Banks and Kristen Wiig are more than enough for me. (Though it is telling that this movie made neither of the other ladies? top fives.)

2. Machete

If a fake trailer during ?Grindhouse? can turn into ?Machete,? I just can?t wait until they make ?Scorcher VI.?

1. Sin City

The style of this movie had me from the very beginning, and I still remember how freaky Elijah Wood and his eyes looked. Of course I also remember how great Jessica, Brittany Murphy and Rosario Dawson looked as well.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Jessica Alba top five?

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