Texts That Turn Her Off

Your phone and its amazing texting capabilities can be an ally in the dating world. But if you misuse it, it can quickly ruin your chances. Here are some common but awful mistakes you can make when you?re texting a girl.

Text Speak

Text messages aren?t a spelling test and she?s not expecting perfect prose from you. Having said that, it?s important that you don?t slide into using stupid abbreviations when texting. Tapping out words in their entirety and using full sentences comes across as much more mature and intelligent. ?Cnt w8 2 c u 2nite? is so much less appealing than ?can?t wait to see you tonight?.

Too Many Texts

Texts should really be about organising the next time you meet, rather than forming the bulk of your interactions with her. Don?t start text conversations. Keep each text interaction brief enough that you can stop replying at any time without it seeming rude. If you?re texting about a topic that you have plenty to say about, text her saying that you?ll have to discuss it in more detail next time you see her. This will also allow you to segue into organising the next date, and give you a topic you can easily talk about when you do see her.

Most women will get annoyed if you text them too often. It?s time consuming and can be suffocating. It makes you look clingy. However, some women are a little too text-happy and will try to have text conversations with you. Keep them to a minimum- you?re never going to get much out of a text interaction. Face-to-face interaction is much better quality.


Keep your texts short without being too harsh or rude. Not every text has to fill up the character allowance- it?s totally fine to send a text that only goes for a few words.

Rambling via text is much worse than doing so in real life because it takes more time to put your thoughts into text form than to say them. You can?t accidentally ramble in a text, you had to go to the effort of tapping out the words. She can?t excuse anything awkward you say as nervousness if it?s in a text, so she?ll just think you?re a weirdo.
It?s also worse because you can?t rewind and replay real life, but texts can be read over and over again. If you send a dodgy text, she will read it multiple times, compounding the damage.

Smiley Face Overload

Emoticons should be used extremely sparingly. Particularly if you are prone to using text speak, she will wonder if a teenage girl has abducted your phone. A very occasional wink face or smiley face is fine, especially if she uses emoticons too, but don?t use them all the time and never have more than one emoticon in each text message. You want to come across as confident and assertive, while smiley faces and text speak suggest the opposite.

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