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If Her Texts Slow Down Is She Losing Interest?


By: Bobby Rio

Why Has She Gone “Cold”?? (it might surprise you)

Have you ever been talking to a girl and all the sudden she stops texting you as much? Or her texts just don?t seem to have the same interest level as they used to?

What does it mean and how you should you handle it? That?s what we?re going to be talking about in this article.

So, if a woman stops sending as many texts does it mean she?s losing interest? The short answer is yes.

But there might be more to it, as I?ll explain.

Are you Getting the “Slow Fade”

There is nothing worse than getting that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that something has changed in a relationship.

Sometimes all it takes is for a girl to take ten minutes longer than she normally does to respond and you just know something is wrong.

I can remember the exact moment I knew with this girl Anne I had gone on a few dates with. She was normally a prolific texted. She text me often and her texts were usually paragraphs. which by the way i recommend you never send a woman paragraphs over text.

So she had been texting me a lot.

But one random Tuesday no texts came in. I tried to shrug it off. But something in my gut started ringing the alarm bell.

Sure enough later that day she still hadn?t sent her daily message. So I sent one to her. And after about fifteen minutes she replied. But there was something ?cold? about her response.

While on the surface she was still being nice, there wasn?t that reciprocation to keep the conversation going that there had always been in the past.

A couple weeks later she disappeared. So what happened?

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Why a Woman Will Stop Texting as Much

There are a lot of ways to mess things up with a woman that men don?t even realize. But most of the time, it comes down to one word.


Women judge how much they like a guy by how much time she spends thinking about you when you?re not around.

If she sits there thinking about you all the time, she assumes its because she really likes you.

If a few days go by and she realizes she?s barely though of you, she assumes she must not like you that much. It makes sense right?

What is the first sign we?re in love with someone? Its when we can?t stop thinking about them. That has to be there for a relationship to move forward.

If she?s not thinking about you when you?re not around the relationship dies.

Here?s the thing.

It doesn?t matter how great of a connection you and her share in person.? It doesn?t matter if she finds you attractive, funny, interesting. If when she goes home she doesn?t feel a desire to talk about you with her friends or she doesn?t anticipate your texts and sit there waiting for you to call; its only a matter of time before she disappears.

What most men don?t understand is that its up to YOU to give her things to think about.

Most men assume if a date goes well that?s good enough. But its not. This is why a lot of ?nice? guys wind up blowing it with a girl who initially seemed into them.

If things are too good, too calm, and totally lack any drama, things become boring and uninteresting for her.

Did you ever wonder why girls chase players and bad boys?

Its because these guys give her PLENTY to think about. She sits around wondering why he didn?t call. She worries that he?s attracted to her best friend. She wonders if he?s sleeping with his co-worker. When he canceled the last date she thinks its because he?s losing interest.

All that drama FORCES her to think about him.

And the more she thinks about him the more she becomes convinced that he?s THE ONE. That is the way our brains work.

Think about the girls you become obsessed over. Chances she messed with your head a bit, right?

4 Reasons a Woman Gets Bored with You

How to handle it when a woman’s texts slow down?

So back to our original question: Does it mean she?s losing interest if her texts slow down?? (here’s a tutorial on how to tell how interested a woman is)

At the very least it means she?s starting to get too comfortable with you and doesn?t feel the urgency to reach out and make sure you?re not banging some other girl.

So it means that it is time that you begin to mix things up. Whether it’s through the texts you send girls, or how you act around her.

See, most guys when a girl pulls back or her interest slows down completely mess up by acting needy, clingy, or trying even harder to make her like him.

That is the OPPOSITE of what you should be doing.? When a girl?s interest starts dwindling you have to plant some seeds of doubt about your interest toward her.

You need to switch things around and get her thinking about you. How do you do it? Well, if you haven?t watched my Scrambler video, here is a link to watch it now.

But the key takeaway from this article is don?t panic, don?t get needy if the texts slow down. Just realize, its time to turn the tables on her.

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(Decode the Hidden Meaning in Every Text She Sends)

* This is a FREE service and no credit card required.

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