Top Five Movies of Amanda Seyfried

Trying to compose this sentence, I?ve stopped and started as I finally figured out a way to concisely say, I like information. Back in the days before the internet, I had three indispensable reference books. The Leonard Maltin movie guide (and why I enjoy listening to Doug Loves Movies), the Videohound (an even more expansive Maltin with filmographies for individual actors and actresses) and the Baseball Encyclopedia (which wasn?t really an encyclopedia, but rather pages and pages of stats and brief biographical information like on the back of a baseball card. So, it was basically bound baseball cards.) I would start looking in one, think about a question and that often led me in another direction and then to another person and off I would go.

I mention this because when I look at an actress like Amanda Seyfried, I can?t help but notice her birth date and her birth location. I mean how often do you see Allentown, Pennsylvania in your daily life? I mean, I can think of the Billy Joel song ?Allentown? and I come to an end. But, then I click on the city link and see Christine Taylor from ?Zoolander? and Tim Heidecker of ?Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job.? But, the real treat was Lara Jill Miller, a girl that I hadn?t thought about since I was younger and had a crush on her character in ?Gimme a Break.? (I watched about anything on TV if it had cool vans, cool helicopters or cute girls.) Then I started to wonder who else was in that show, and low and behold, there?s Joey Lawrence. That makes me think of ?Blossom? and I have to stop myself from jumping down a rabbit hole. Instead, I steel my will and go back to just thinking about Amanda?s top five movies.

5. A Bag of Hammers

Remember that internet list that went around about how stupid someone is? One of the items was a bag of hammers? Ring a bell? Possibly just me? Anyway, just for that title and the appearance of Amanda and Rebecca Hall, I?m sold. Thanks once again, to the power of the internet and if you don?t remember, you?re as stupid as a box of hair.

4. In Time

I love when I make a list and my future self agrees with my past self. In this case, it?s the ranking of this movie that agrees with past self?s ranking on Olivia Wilde?s list. It puts me in a science-fiction kind of mood to see this one.

3. Les Miserables

I?ve had enough people recommend this movie to me and I?ve read enough good reviews that I know I?ll eventually break my fear of current musicals and go see it. But, you can?t make me go see ?Mamma Mia.? I will not be convinced!

2. Alpha Dog

Justin Timberlake makes his second appearance on this list, and as long as I think of these two movies and ?Dick in a Box? and not ?Trouble with the Curve? I?ll keep thinking of him in a positive light. (Yes, that movie is that bad to erase all the good before it.)

1. Mean Girls

If it?s on the lists of Tina Fey and ,a href=””>Rachel McAdams, it?s good enough for Amanda?s list.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Amanda Seyfried top five?


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