Powerful Physical Escalation

How to Physically Escalate with a Woman

Jon Sinn here, and today I want to talk to you about the idea of making sexual escalations PHYSICALLY on women you want to have sex with.

While it?s all well and good to talk to women and arouse them, but at some point you need to make things physical.

Think about it like this, I can talk to you about how bad it would hurt to put your hand on an open flame, but if you actually put your hand on the flame it?s going to hurt WAY more. Arousal is similar. You can talk to a woman about how she gets aroused or her getting turned on but it?s going to be much more effective if you actually arouse her.

So let’s talk about physical escalations because I have a couple different ones, it’s tough to see them in your mind’s eye in an article, so bear with me, I’m going to give you 3 or 4 ones that really good, nice little pieces that not too many people do.

The first one is the scratch, neck, hair pull. A lot of guys do the hair pull, but very few of them do it in what I consider the sexually arousing way, that will make the girl’s hair stand on end. So what I’ll do at some point in the interaction, usually when we’re in comfort or something, I’ll just reach over and I’ll put my hand on the base of her neck, upside down, like my palm facing my elbow, if that makes sense, and I’ll pull my fingers up her neck. Hopefully she moans, or bites her lip, then at that point I’ll grab the root of her hair and give a little tug, not enough to move her head, but that’s a good one.

Another really good one is the kiss and blow on the neck. This is a really good one for like, hugging her, I’ll just put my lips on her neck enough to make it wet, and then I’ll blow on it, that’s a really good arousal technique.

Another good one is, this one is impossible to describe in an article but I’m going to try because it’s that good. When you’re hugging a girl from behind, grab like where her thigh meets her butt, if you can imagine that, and pull out and that will separate the labia which is sexually arousing for the ladies. So those are three sexcalations.

Another good one is just sticking you hand on the back of her pants. If you’re walking her out of a venue, I do this on dates, I do this with girls I’m bringing back to my house, I’d just stick my hands down her pants. Actually like down her jeans, or if she’s wearing a skirt or dress, I’ll actually stick my hand up it, and like cup her ass. The ass cup of destiny, as I’ve called it on my blog, but that’s a good one because it’s like LMR precursor, because where does LMR usually hit ?

When you try to get your hands into the pants.

So I’ve gotten so much LMR until 2 ? 3 years ago where I was like: alright, fuck this. If I can hand ? because in dates, you bring the girl into your house so she gets comfortable, then you bring her out. So it’s like: fuck this, if I can get my hand down the pants and then get it out before she actually tries to pull it out, then she’s used to me putting my hand down her pants. In theory it actually works really well. If a girl lets you cup her ass or go up her skirt or down her pants she will have sex with you almost 100 percent of the time.

Those sexual escalations are guaranteed to get a woman turned on and ready for sex before you get her back to your place.

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