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How to Arouse a Woman, Part One


There are few things that empower a man more than his ability to arouse a woman sexually. But not every guy knows which buttons to push, since there seem to be so many, and each chick is wired differently.

So to make things manageable, I present to you an itemized list of tools, with the hope that I can bring some order to this often bewildering topic.

Turn her on

Before we get started, let me clarify what we’re talking about. You want to get girls horny, with the ultimate goal being sex. Most articles I reviewed pertaining to “how to turn on women” made much reference to stuff like romance and being a gentleman. That’s fine, but for the purpose of this article, I’m gonna assume you have these other aspects covered. Let’s instead discuss the stuff that actually gets her lady bits wet. Sound fun? Super duper.

First, you will need a scale to refer to telling you where a girl is … bone dry to dripping wet. Here you go …

Levels of Arousal

Having a system to tell a girl’s readiness to bang based on her arousal would be very useful. Of course, you can’t put a probe in her birth canal to measure drippiness, and so much of this may be a judgment call. When trying to gauge a girl’s level of arousal, look for a cluster of behaviors indicating where she’s at. Any single cue out of context may not be reliable.

And finally, this is NOT a ladder. Some guys have devised escalation ladders (starting with the back of your hand on her elbow, ending up with sex), but I think they’re lame and artificial. You may start escalation with a girl by grabbing her ass or making out with her, then jump back down to very light friendly touch, and then leap forward to foreplay. It’s this kind of unpredictable and dominant behavior that turns girls on, not the standard and safe linear progression a ladder would have you follow.

The LAS goes from 1 to 10, where 1 is un-aroused and 10 is highly eager to fuck. At 8 and above, girls are usually pretty horny and good to go. Use your intuition and calibration, and don’t look at this like a rule book. These are just indicators you can refer to when trying to discern her readiness.

The Levels

Level 1

High fives, hand shakes, knuckle bumps
Side hugs
Thumb war

Level 2

Simple, friendly hugs
Arm-in-arm walking

Level 3

She slaps your thigh while seated
Holding hands, fingers not intertwined
Tickling her
Longer hugs, held tighter
Briefly massaging her shoulders while she sits

Level 4

Hold hands, fingers intertwined
Caress her forearm

Level 5

Smack her ass (and she’s ok with it)
She squeezes your thigh
She sits on stool, straddling your legs/body as you stand

Level 6

Her palm on your chest briefly
Massage her upper back while she’s lying down
Caressing her face, neck or hair
Brief kisses, mouth to mouth
She runs her fingers through your hair

Level 7

Light making out. She doesn’t use tongue much.
Her hand stays on your chest, such as squeezing your nipple
Massage her lower back, thigh and butt
Kissing/biting her neck
You clench her hair at the back of her head
Having her suck your thumb
Caressing her lips with your finger
Touch her breast over her clothes
Briefly touching (but not rubbing) her vag area over clothes

Level 8

Heavy making out. She uses her tongue/sucks/bites
She initiates the make outs
She’s got her hand on your junk, outside of pants
Squeezing her ass during makeout
Playing with her breasts, skin-on-skin
Sucking her nipple
She keeps her arm across your lap with her elbow touching your cock
As you hold hands, the back of hers is against your cock
Stands with her pelvis against yours, rocking or gyrating
You briefly rub her cooch over clothes

Level 9

She’s giving you head
She’s rubbing your junk, skin on skin
You’re intensely rubbing her cooch over her clothes

Level 10

Fingering her or eating her out

In part two, I’ll define the various forms of stimulation at your disposal.

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