When She Says She’s Not Ready For A Relationship

Is it just an excuse or is there some truth in it? Either way, in most cases, it?s a sign that you should give up.

She?s letting you down gently

Most of the time, being ?not ready for a relationship? is just an excuse. It?s not that she?s doesn?t want a relationship. It?s that she doesn?t want a relationship with you. She?s just not interested.

You need to look at the context in which she?s said it to be sure. If it?s before you?ve even asked for a commitment, you know that she?s said it because she?s completely uninterested in you. She might have panicked and said she?s not ready in response to you asking her on a date or trying to make a move on her. It was probably just the first excuse she thought of that wasn?t mean. She thinks she?s being nice if her rejection is phrased in terms of it being an issue with her, rather than outright telling you that she thinks you?re gross.

When she really isn?t ready

It can be true that she?s not ready for a relationship. Maybe she has issues that she needs to work out on her own. If she?s just come out of a relationship, she might be averse to jumping straight into another one.

Let?s say she wants to be with you but genuinely feels that it?s not the right time for her. She trusts you enough to be honest with you by telling you that she?s not ready. That being the case, she would then also trust you enough to tell you that she does want to be with you, just not right now. Then, you know where you stand with her, and can decide what to do next.

Keep in mind that if she really did like you, she would want to keep seeing you even though she?s decided to stay away from any commitment. If she?s said she?s not ready then cuts off all contact, that means that she?ll never be ready for a relationship with you, because she doesn?t like you. On the other hand, if she?s said she?s not ready but keeps trying to talk to you, it?s a sign that she?s either not sure what she wants, or she genuinely likes you but she?s wary.

She could be testing you

Perhaps telling you that she?s not ready isn?t totally true, but it?s not an outright lie either. She could be testing you and seeing if you?re willing to wait for her. This is an attractive option for women who are still getting over the last time they?ve been hurt. It buys her more time, and means she can filter out the guys who will ditch her once things get tough. If you?re no longer interested in her once it becomes a challenge, then it?s time to give up. Passing the test will require patience and time, so unless you?re really into her, you should move on.

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