Is the Waitress Flirty, or Does She Just Want a Tip?

Your favorite waitress seems to flirt with you every time you come in, and always makes an effort to be the one taking care of your table. But you know that she probably flirts with all of her customers. How do you determine if she?s genuinely interested in you or not?

Let?s be realistic?

Honestly, waitresses are practically paid to flirt. It?s all part of the job- she needs to make you feel like you?re special so you give her a good tip. She?s probably mentally throwing up every time she indulges the flirtations of another hideous customer. However, that doesn?t mean that every waitress that winks at you is doing so just to maximize her profits.

How does she act with other customers?

Seeing if she?s overly friendly to all of her customers is the true test of whether her flirtations are personal or not. Observe her- subtly of course, so you don?t come across as a creep watching her every move- and see if she?s giving you special treatment. If she seems to be trying to seduce every man she takes the order of, you can assume that she?s not genuinely interested in you.

Taking it to the next level

Women in the hospitality industry endure a ridiculous amount of flirting. A waitress has probably heard every line before, so she?s not going to be impressed by your secondhand material. She?s used to being asked what she?s doing after work, and she?s conditioned herself to make excuses once she hears that line. You?re going to have to be creative to woo a waitress. Be unexpected. Don?t say ?you probably get this all the time, but I?d love to see you when you?re not working?. You?ve anticipated your failure before it?s happened- she does get it all the time; and she gets guys using that exact line all the time. Try to make her laugh and build up rapport, preferably over a number of visits to her establishment. Wait until you?re sure she?s interested in you before you ask her out.

Don?t touch

Never touch a waitress as flirtation when she?s on the job. You can never really be sure if she actually likes you before you?ve asked, and if you?ve got it wrong, this will make her really uncomfortable. You?ll ruin your future chances by making her feel uneasy at work. Your flirtation needs to be more verbal than it would be with, say, a woman you?re chatting to in a nightclub.

You don?t need to tip big

Don?t think that giving a huge tip will suddenly make her attracted to you. If anything, you should give a moderately sized tip if you?re a repeat customer. Next time you come in, if she doesn?t bother paying attention to you, you know that she was only after the money. Tipping too big can also make her feel like you?re trying to purchase her- which will ruin your chances. She?ll continue to flirt with you because she knows you spend big, but don?t expect anything genuine to come of it.

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