Five Annoying Things You Do On Food Dates

They?re not deal breakers, but they?re irritating. You might be guilty of these five behaviors which make her think that you would be an incredibly annoying person to be in a relationship with.

Too indecisive about what to eat

You?re there on a date to get to know each other, not to spend half an hour discussing the menu. Don?t spend too long agonizing over what to eat. If you spend ten minutes of your date in silence poring over the menu, she will get bored. It?s fine to briefly discuss what you?re ordering, particularly if you can?t think of anything better to talk about to start with, but don?t go through the entire menu discussing the pros and cons of each dish. Once you?ve decided, stick to your decision– don?t keep weighing up the options. You don?t want her to think that you?re an indecisive kind of guy.

Using your phone

It?s rude to pull out your phone on a date, and it also makes things awkward for her as she sits there waiting for you to stop texting. If you urgently need to use your phone, excuse yourself to do it. Otherwise, don?t even touch it. Not even to check the time. She?ll think that you think she?s boring! Using your phone on a date shows that you?re either inconsiderate, or lack social skills. Neither is an impression you want to convey.

Messy eating

Who would have thought decent table manners were vital for dating? You don?t need to take little dainty bites, but it helps if you don?t eat like you?re a washing machine on spin cycle. Don?t be the guy that she?s embarrassed to be seen with.

Splitting dessert

You should really find a cheaper way to date than doing dinner if you can?t afford to have separate desserts. Sharing dessert can be really sexy, but there?s some etiquette to follow here. If she?s salivating over the dessert options, you don?t want to come off as cheap by suggesting you share dessert. She might also think you?re having a go at her weight. The only time when you should offer to split dessert is if she says she doesn?t want dessert. She probably does, but doesn?t want to say so, and she?ll be grateful that you?ve offered to share.

Complaining about the prices

Restaurant food costs much more than it would to go to the supermarket and whip up the meal yourself. If you?re that price conscious, that?s exactly what you should do. Don?t go to a restaurant only to complain about how much you?re paying. This is doubly annoying: you?re not only being cheap, but complaining in itself is irritating.

You need to make the date all about her. Anything you do that makes it seem like you don?t want to be there, such as complaining or texting on your date, will make her think you?re an annoying person to be with. The irritating things you do may not be deal-breakers on their own, but they will make her like you less.

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