Strengthening Inner Game – Why Hypnosis Might Be the Answer for You

Most of us know the common uses for hypnosis ? quitting addictions, curing phobias, weight loss, stress and anger management and even the occasional Las Vegas stage show. But the truth is that hypnosis can be used for just about anything.

For example, a branch of hypnosis called forensic hypnosis helps investigators access a person?s deep and repressed memories to help uncover details about past crimes, identify suspects and fill in the missing links of cases.

Another controversial form of hypnosis titled medical hypnotherapy claims to help ease pain and even cure illnesses; and there is evidence of countless women who have been able to endure the pains of childbirth and patients who have even been able to endure dental surgery without feeling pain to support these claims.

There is a saying that the mind is a great servant but a terrible master, and the troublesome thing about the mind is that sometimes it can be hard to control. This tendency of the mind to collect experiences and formulate future behaviors and perceptions is the reason that some losers never stop losing and some winners never lose. And hypnosis is a powerful tool that the pickup artiste can use to help direct this tendency of the mind to directions that are favorable.

Confidence, for example, as we all know is a huge part of inner game and is something that hypnosis can help build. The ?usual? route to building confidence in something you?re afraid of or aren?t particularly good at, is to do it and keep doing it over and again until eventually your competence in doing it helps you build confidence.

For example, just as a person is afraid of driving would start driving and doing it each day to overcome their fears, a pickup artiste who is afraid of approaching women would start approaching women each day and keep doing it until they felt confident doing it.

But the problem with this route arises when a person is so terrified of doing something that they can?t even try doing it once. For example, a person who is afraid of driving cars could have been in a car crash or lost family members in one.

Likewise, a man who suffers from terrible approach anxiety could have a number of debilitating memories of interactions with women and deep-rooted psychological issues that make the very act of even approaching a woman seem virtually impossible to comprehend.

Coming back to the example of building confidence for stronger inner game, say you suffer from crippling approach anxiety ? hypnosis can help you through a series of simple steps.

Firstly, hypnosis can help you feel differently about any negative experiences that you have had with interacting with women in the past.

For example, it could be that you were humiliated in front of his classmates by a girl that he asked out rejecting him. By doing this, hypnosis can help you remember these experiences without the associations of panic and anxiety and more importantly help you enter such situations without feeling those emotions.

Hypnosis can then help you overcome your approach anxiety by rehearsing situations where you approach a beautiful woman in your head and associate such an experience with a feeling of confidence. And when correctly performed, this can help you overcome your crippling approach anxiety and push yourself into situations where you approach and interact with beautiful women.

Still, an important fact to remember is that while highly effective, hypnosis can never completely assure you success in anything. What it can do instead is reduce your fears of doing something to manageable levels so that you can then progress over your learning curve by doing and experiencing.

For example, hypnosis can never completely remove your approach anxiety and make you feel one hundred percent sure that every woman you approach will respond favorably. But it can help you assure yourself that you have the capacity to approach any woman, no matter how beautiful and intimidating and help you believe that you will exceed your expectations when doing so.

The wonderful thing about hypnosis is also that you don?t need to hire an expensive hypnotherapist to help you out with when it comes to improving your inner game. There are a plethora of self-hypnosis lessons and programs that can help you tackle your own issues in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

As with all self-improvement technologies, the important fact here is knowing how to choose the right self-hypnosis programs and tools and applying them properly.

Once you discover the self-hypnosis program that works for you, tackling issues like approach anxiety, shyness, hesitancy, sexual incapacity and improving your self-image and overall inner game can be a joyous and rewarding process.


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About Tony Laroche Tony Laroche is an inner game specialist who helps men become more confident around women, get over approach anxiety, and live life with a higher sense of self esteem. He is the creator of the Radical Inner Game program.