Why You Shouldn’t Hook Up At the Club

It?s where you go to pick up, but it?s not where you should do the deed.

It makes you look desperate

The main reason why you should consider keeping it in your pants until you get home, is that it makes you look desperate if you?re hooking up in public. Looking desperate is never attractive. You want to give off the vibe that you have a long line of women waiting outside your door, but by hooking up at the club you will actually look like you haven?t so much as laid eyes on a woman in years.

Do you come here often?

Public making out is not the best idea in a nightclub that you frequent. Other girls that you may have had a chance with on another night will see you getting messy with your tongue down some other woman?s throat, and will suddenly be put off. Also, things could get awkward if the girl you hooked up with is also a regular. If you?re not on your home turf, however, nobody knows you well enough to care if you?re doing the dirty in the club. It won?t be a pretty sight for anyone who realises, but it?s definitely more acceptable than doing it at a place that you frequent.

The bathroom hook-up

You?re jammed up against the wall next to a leaky toilet, while some poor soul is loudly throwing up in the cubicle next door. How romantic! The bathroom hook-up is the epitome of trashy nightclub experiences. Engaging in one shows that you?re so desperate for any kind of action, that you don?t mind even when you can smell someone defecating in the next cubicle. It?s much nicer for everyone if, rather than sneak into a toilet stall, you instead suggest taking it back to your place or her place. It will be more comfortable and less smelly.

Will you miss an opportunity?

I?ve said that you don?t want to look desperate, but what if you actually are desperate? You?ve been down on your luck with your ladies for a while now, so you don?t want to pass up any opportunity. You?re up for it even if that opportunity is a dubious encounter on a damp couch beside the dancefloor. But here?s the thing: you won?t miss out on much by having a strict no-sex-in-toilet-cubicles policy.

By making yourself seem classy and not desperate, the girl you?re trying to get with will probably consider you for future encounters. If you?re concerned that she?ll lose interest if you give her too much time to think about it on the way back to your place, then sleeping with girls in awkward places is not going to solve the problems with your game. Also, it seems that most people who hook up in nightclubs give up before they get to into it, simply because of the logistical difficulties. But what if you have logistical difficulties of your own? Say you can?t bring anyone back to your place because you live with your parents/five hours away from the nearest nightclub/your house is messy. Those are some bigger problems that you need to work out. If your game plan consists of getting laid while you?re out, you?re in for a life of frustration.

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