When She Won’t See You Spontaneously

She?s keen to see you when you?ve made plans in advance, but always says no when you ask at short notice. She could be cheating on you, but there are also some more innocent explanations that won?t ever occur to you!

She needs to pretty herself up

Is she the type to always have perfect hair and make-up? The most likely explanation for her being unable to have spontaneous plans is that she needs to get herself ready. This can be a time consuming process- she wasn?t born wearing make-up. The more complicated her beauty routine, the more notice she needs. Even if you have given her what you think would be enough time to put her face on, she also needs to be in the right mindset. If she?s feeling lazy and she can?t be bothered spending an hour getting herself ready, she might make the decision to not see you, rather than have you see what she looks like without make-up. However, if she?s fairly relaxed about her appearance then you can?t kid yourself by telling yourself that she won?t see you at short notice because of her beauty routine.

She?s overdue for a wax

Similarly to the make-up situation, she might not see the point in going out with you if she?s too self-conscious about her downstairs her to get intimate. Women who wax often plan their body hair removal schedule to coincide with when they know they?ll be getting some action. While shaving can be done at a moment?s notice, waxing is a little more complicated because someone else needs to do it for her. Waxing means waiting for the hair to grow until it?s long enough to remove, booking an appointment, enduring the pain and shelling out cash- so you can understand why she might put off getting it done. If she?s very particular about when she can see you, it could be that she?s trying to get your dates in synch with her waxing schedule. While it?s hard to figure out if this is the case, you can easily rule it out if she?s not waxed or isn?t self-conscious about the regrowth.

She doesn?t want to seem easy

A girl of the conservative type may want to restrict how often and when you see her so that she seems in control of the situation. If you?ve caught her with a copy of The Rules- the modern women?s dating guide which seems to be a throwback to the 1800s- you can be sure that she?s just trying to seem mysterious and hard-to-get by rationing your time with her. She doesn?t want to seem easy, so she?s being difficult instead. You certainly can?t outright ask her if she?s doing this– she won?t admit she spent her Friday night watching TV because you didn?t ask her out until 6pm. If she seems generally conservative, you can assume that she?s trying to game you, 1930s style.

Or is she actually cheating?

If none of the above sound like plausible explanations as to why she?s so particular about not seeing you at short notice, you have to consider that maybe she is a very busy woman. What?s she busy with? Quite possibly, she?s sneakily seeing other men. You?ll have to look for other signs of cheating to work this one out.

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