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Four Fun Party Conversations That Women Actually Like Having

You?re not going to get very far by having boring conversations where you trade the standard questions. Women are bored of being asked where they work or making polite conversation about how they know the host. A fun conversation will set you apart from the rest.

Bring out your party trick

Being double jointed, fitting your fist in your mouth or burping the alphabet aren?t skills you can put on your CV, and they?re not proper conversation topics at, say, a nice dinner. They?re called party tricks for a reason. When everyone is feeling uninhibited is the perfect time to impress with your weird skill. If you don?t have a party trick, you should learn one. It can?t seem pre-planned or you?ll look like a loser, so if your trick requires a prop, make sure it?s something you can find at a party. For example, you could learn to juggle lollies. Tell the girl that you?re chatting to that you have a really good party trick, but refuse to show her unless she shows you one as well. If she doesn?t have one, you could teach her yours. It?s a fun conversation to have, and will make you more comfortable with each other.

People watching

Everyone loves a sneaky people watching session, particularly at a party where people are often doing awkward things that you can giggle at. Because you have to make sure the person you?re watching can?t hear you, you?ll have to lean in close to talk, and you?ll burst into peals of laughter every time they glance your way. You?ll also feel like you?re sharing a secret. She?s probably been people watching in her head for the whole evening, so you may as well turn it into a fun topic of conversation.

Porn star names

Your ?porn star name? is meant to be the name of your childhood pet as first name, and the street you grew up on as your surname. You could try introducing yourself using your porn star name, and see if she picks up on it (if she doesn?t, it?s not hard to laughingly tell her that?s your porn star name). Then ask her what hers is. From there, the conversation could move into the risqu?, or you could delve into each other?s life stories as you talk about your first pets or where you?re from. Either way, it?s going to turn out to be an interesting conversation.

Pop culture

Most people tend to have a vague knowledge of pop culture. It can be a contentious topic, but it?s not as risky as talking about politics. Sharing opinions on the latest crazy celebrity antics will let you learn a lot about each other?s values, without delving into deep topics. Just try not to get into an actual argument over it!

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