How to Get Girls: 5 Simple Steps

5 Ways to Get More Women

Sometimes I forget that some of my readers are new to the whole “how to pick up women” community.

These guys have never read “The Game,” they don’t know who Mystery is, or what a neg is, or a false time constraint, or even simple terminology like openers and routines. These guys are just coming for some quick advice on getting better at meeting women.

I thought I would write a post for these guys. This post is 5 essential ideas that you can immediately implement and start seeing results. These ideas won’t turn you into a pick up artist (there is plenty of info on this site to do that) but they will give you a better understanding of social dynamics.

Always Be Opening

In the movie Glengary Glen Ross there is a saying “always be closing” well when you’re trying to meet more women the correct mentality is “Always be opening.”

Opening simply means initiating conversation. Too many guys don’t know how to talk to women… and a big part of the reason is that they don’t have experience doing it. And when you’re inexperienced at something you naturally fear it.

My advice is talk to every women you see. The fatties, the uglies, the hotties, it shouldn’t matter. You can’t learn how to pick up a women until you’ve had experience talking to them. Your goal talking to these women is to do nothing more than have a pleasant conversation. Trust me, meeting women is a numbers game, and the more you talk to them the better chance you will have a clicking with one.

Learn How to Flirt

Learn to flirt successfully. When you flirt with a girl you’re letting her know that you think she’s worth flirting with. Its innocent, playful, and fun, but at the same time it is sending a giant message. Flirting is about being playful. A wise man once said “when it comes to flirting everything that was funny in 2nd grade is funny again” Giving a girl a playful nudge, pulling her ponytail, teasing her, basically treating her the way you’d treat your bratty little sister. This sort of behavior is a secret code language that girls and guys have been communicating their interest in each other throughout time.

Act In Demand

Portray an image of “being in demand.” Girls like a guy who has a lot of stuff going on in his life. They like a guy with options. A girl wants a guy she believes has his choice of girls… yet is choosing her. Be that guy. Drop hints to women that you’ve been with hot girls, tell exciting stories, be unavailable to hang out, don’t act hungry or desperate for attention.

Use Push and Pull

Push and pull women. This basically means keep them on their toes. If you give a woman a strong compliment, a few minutes tease her a bit about something. If you’ve called her frequently for a couple days, lay low for a day or two to make her wonder what you’re up to. Your goal is to confuse them. Just when they think they have you figured out, surprise them by doing something unexpected. The more you are on her mind, the more she is likely to become attracted to you.

Use Your Hands

Develop the use of kino. Kino is the sense of touch. Touching is essential if you want to escalate a conversation to a sexual level.

Examples of good touching are holding a girls hand, running you finger through her hair, thumb wrestling, touching her shoulder in conversation, palm reading… basically anything that warms her up to idea of being in close proximity of you.

These are just 5 simple ideas, but using even just one them will increase your chances of hooking up. Using all of them will greatly increase your chance of hooking up

This is ultimately how you get girls.

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