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How to Meet Single Women: What Most Guys Don’t Know

If you look around the internet, you’ll find endless lists of places to meet single women. Yet, is that all you need to succeed at meeting single women, getting yourself a girlfriend or at least having sex with a new woman?


As you may have experienced in your attempts to meet single women, it doesn’t matter whether or not you go to the best places in the world to meet single women, what matters is whether you have the confidence to approach and the skills to go from a conversation to a kiss, to sex and into a relationship. If you’ve ever tried going to many of the places where single women apparently hang out, then you will know that single women don’t rush over to you to meet you, nor do they make it easy for you to meet them. To meet single women, you still have to:

– Know what to say to start a conversation.

– Be confident, so that women are actually attracted to you when the conversation begins.
Know how to keep a conversation going and keep it interesting.

– Be able to pass a woman’s tests of your confidence, such as her behaving uninterested or playing hard to get.

– Know how to move from a conversation to a kiss to sex and into a relationship.

Meeting women is easy when you’re a confident guy and have great conversation skills with women. All you need to do is walk over, start a conversation, allow the women to feel a natural attraction to your confidence and then move things forward from there. It’s simple. However, if you are nervous around women or run out of things to say when talking to women you like, then it doesn’t matter if you go to the best place to meet single women on Earth; most women will simply reject you because women aren’t attracted to a guy’s nervousness or lack of social skills. When you meet a single woman, she wants to feel attraction for you and she’ll only be able to truly feel that if you’re a confident guy who knows how to have a fun and flirtatious conversation with her.

What Type Of Guy Do Women Want to Meet?

Women all over the world are attracted to the same fundamental qualities in men. There are many other personality traits that various women find appealing, but all women are hoping to meet a guy with these three, fundamental qualities:



Social Intelligence

Genuine self-confidence: All over the world, women are naturally attracted to guys with genuine self-confidence. This means that women instinctively look for a guy who has a relaxed air of self-assuredness about him; a quiet inner confidence, which demonstrates that he is a man who knows who he is and what he stands for in life. As a result of his clarity of identity and confidence in it, a guy like this is totally comfortable just being himself and doesn’t have to put on an act or pretend to be someone he’s not. When he meets a woman, she knows that she’s getting to know the real him and as a result, she can relax her guard and open up to him. However, when she meets a guy who lacks confidence in himself and who he is, he will naturally put on a bit of an act or false persona in an effort to impress her. Most guys don’t like to admit this, but it’s true. In fear of being rejected for being themselves, they’ll become extra nice and polite around her or will put on a front of being really confident, when they’re in fact quite shy and nervous.

When it comes to the subject of how to meet single women, any anxiety or self-doubt can, and usually will, make it difficult to approach women in the first place and then relax into being yourself around them. This makes you come across as untrustworthy to women because they don’t know who they’re really interacting with. They get the sense that something isn’t quite right, so they keep their guard up. For all they know, behind that nervousness, you could be a very controlling or jealous person who would make them very unhappy in a relationship. As I always say, ?Women are attracted to the strength in men, not the weakness? so if you show yourself to be an emotionally weak or unstable man, then most women will simply reject you. This is why finding ?great places to meet women? is never the answer. The answer is to improve yourself and become a stronger man that you already are right now. Transform yourself into the type of guy that women naturally feel attraction for. You will then see that most women you meet want to be with you and you won’t be worrying about how to meet single women anymore.

True masculinity: Women are looking for a man with strong alpha male characteristics. The strength they want to find has nothing to do with a guy?s physical prowess and everything to do with his mental and emotional strength. You might have seen guys with big muscles who are still nervous around women or people, or very tall guys who behave in the same wimpy way. True masculinity is about how you think, behave and take action, not how many kilos or pounds you can lift at a gym. This is why you’ll often see guys who don’t even go to the gym being more alpha (and having a girlfriend) than guys who’ve spent years in the gym. It’s not about your muscles, it’s about your mind.

A woman wants to feel like a woman when in a man?s presence, to the point where his masculinity (how he thinks, behaves and takes action) makes her feel weak at the knees. This can only happen with a guy who is truly masculine. A mistake that guys often make is thinking that behaving in a loud, overly-confident way will make them appear more ?manly? or ?bigger? than the other guys in the room and trick the women into thinking that they are alpha. Yet, women are natural experts at reading body language (they have to be so they can detect the real men amongst the boys), so they will see right through a guy who is putting on a confident front in an effort to hide his insecurities.

Truly masculine guys have a quiet confidence that shows in the way they handle themselves around other people. When women sense these qualities in you, they?ll do whatever it takes to make sure you approach them and when you do approach, they’ll stick to you like glue. You might have witnessed this happening with guys who don’t ?look? very masculine, physically speaking, but who have women all over them and lusting after them. This is because the guy has the more important masculine qualities that women are really looking for. Guys like that don’t worry about how to meet single women because pretty much every woman they meet will like them and show interest. It’s just how it works and you’ve probably been stunned and baffled at times when you’ve seen certain guys with beautiful women and thought, ?How did he get her?!? If you believe what you see on TV commercials, movies and TV sitcoms, you will be fooled into thinking that it’s all about having muscles and good looks. However, if you pay attention to the real world, you will know that women aren’t that shallow and are really looking for more fundamental qualities in men.

Excellent social skills: Today’s women are still searching for a man who can provide for them and offer them protection in the same way that their female ancestors did in ancient times. A man with genuine confidence and true masculinity represents a ?good catch,? but to be capable of continually providing and protecting, he must also have a high level of social intelligence that will allow him to mix and network with other people to better ensure his and her survival. In ancient times, this meant having the safety and security of being part of a group that could pool resources in hard times. These days, we have supermarkets and police and medicine, but that doesn’t mean modern women have lost their instincts. As you may have noticed, it only takes a natural disaster like a flood, earthquake or hurricane to throw everything back into ?survival of the fittest.? It is during those times that guys with confidence, masculinity and social skills will have the best chance of surviving. A man with confidence won’t be afraid to take risks to ensure their survival. A man with masculinity will make other people respect him and will take the lead in situations. A man with excellent social skills will work together with other people for mutual benefit, instead of being taken advantage of by alpha males or taking advantage of other people and then suffering a revenge attack later on.

Become More of Man Than You Already Are

The guys who find it difficult to remain single, due to having so many women interested in them, are those who are referred to as ?real men.? The fact is, the more of a man you become, the more that women are naturally attracted to you. As you improve your confidence, masculinity and social intelligence and also take on additional qualities that make you a real man, such as having purpose in life, being a truly loving person and having a true understanding of how to make a woman feel like a woman, being single becomes the most difficult thing for you in life. Pretty much every time you meet a woman, she immediately or very quickly gets the sense that she’s finally interacting with a real man and then automatically kicks into high gear and begins hitting on you, flirting with you and making it extremely obvious that she likes you and would love for something to happen between you. You won’t get that reaction from women by building your biceps in the gym or buying the latest shirt or cologne. As I mentioned before, women aren’t that superficial and are looking for deeper and more important qualities in a man.

Approach and Be a Man: It’s That Simple

If you think, behave and take action like a man, then it won’t matter where you go to meet single women; they are going to be very interested in you. A great opening line that I’ve used in many social environments such as bars, parties or functions is to walk over and say, ?Hi, I’m Dan. I thought I’d come over and be social. What’s your name?? and then kick off the conversation from there.

That opening line will start the conversation off beautifully, but what’s most important to her after that is whether you are confident, masculine and have as much or more social intelligence than her. If she feels more confident than you, then most women will not be interested. If you lack so much masculinity that she feels like more of the ?man? in the situation or like your ?big sister,? then most women will not be interested. If she feels ?cooler? than you or more socially intelligent in many ways, then most women will not be interested. So, if you really want to be successful at meeting single women and finding yourself a girlfriend, wife or just a new woman to have sex with, then make sure you get the fundamentals right first. Otherwise, your approaches will lead to rejection and disappointment pretty much every time.

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