Going Caveman on Women

What Does it Mean to “Go Caveman” on Girls?

Neil Strauss brought the term “caveman” into popularity in his book The Game. Strauss defines caveman as:

To directly and aggressively escalate psychical contact, and progress toward sex, with a consenting woman; predicated on the idea that early humans beings did not use intelligence and words but instinct and strength to mate.

I can safely say that putting this idea into action took my game to the next level. I used to be very guilty of talking myself past a hookup. I would rope the girl in with witty banter and create the attraction, but then lose her by talking myself past the moment.

It was like a disease for me. Girl after girl in college I lost because of diarrhea of the mouth.

Then one day things got completely easier. Like life changing easier. And that was when I began going caveman on women.

The first time I did it was on a blind date. A friend and his girlfriend set me up with one of her friends. At the end of the night I kissed her mid sentence. She started to finish her sentence. I put my finger to her lips to shut her up and then kissed her again.

She was blown away.

I don’t know what provoked me to do that. In the past I was one of those guys who always waited for the right moment, which never leads to the kiss. That night I created it. And since then I’ve done it that way.

Why going caveman works

People, especially girls, have “make up my mind for me” syndrome. This means they look for others to lead the way and let them know what they are doing is alright.

When you “go caveman” on a girl your bringing her into your level of animal like attraction. You’re letting her feel comfortable expressing her sexual side. When you eliminate words and rational behavior, in turn you’re saying “its okay to act a little irrational.”

We are all horny fucking creatures. We all have that side of us that wants to get buck naked and lick each other’s privates… most of us are just trained not to act that way. When we meet someone that allows us to act that way it is really liberating.

What would a caveman do?

When things are going well and you’re in a private place with a girl… things can go one of two ways. At this point she is already attracted to you so you can either further emotionally and intellectually stimulate her… or you can sexually stimulate her.

If you’re looking to further escalate the encounter you need to ask yourself ‘what would a caveman do?’

Would he smell her hair?

Would he bite her neck?

Run his hands down her spine?

Once you go caveman you can’t go back

When you go into caveman mode it has to be for real. You can’t test it and then back peddle. Going caveman means you stop talking and get physical. (this does not mean take advantage of her or intrude if she says stop.)

It means get her on your level. Unleash her hidden cavewomen.

When I kissed that girl mid sentence… she says “what was that” slightly snotty. She was testing me. If I had apologized or went back to talking things would have been weird… instead I put my finger to her mouth… shut her up and then kissed her again… After that she spent the night.

Another night I went out with a group of friends. There was a girl Nancy that was with us who I had been flirting with on and off for a month. This was our first night hanging out though. Later that night, her and her friends came back to my house for the after party.

Instead of going into conversation about some stupid topic I started teasing her by gently pushing her away from me on the couch. She would push me back. Next thing I know we’re wrestling on my living room floor. She pins me down, then I pin her down and kiss her. No words were said.

That is cavemanning!!!

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