A Simple Trick To Get a Girl To Think About Having Sex With You (Without Seeming Creepy)

Can You Trick a Woman Into Sex? Yes, You Can…

Guys sometimes seem to follow a script when they are trying to seduce a girl. They think that there are certain steps that the absolutely must take before they bring up sex or even go in for a kiss. They have to ask for a phone number, wait a certain amount of time before calling, then go on a date and then MAYBE, if everything is going right, they will go for a kiss and hope that it escalates from there.

Or maybe you are one of those guys like I used to be. I’d be attracted to a girl but I’d be so unsure about how to escalate to a physical relationship or even really talk to her that it would take months and months of being her “friend” before I couldn’t take it anymore and would confess my attraction only to get the “we’re just friends” excuse.

In fact, those kind of rejections were the thing that most inspired me to research and perfect dating skills and create my books and courses.

Here’s one of the most important rules of seduction you will ever learn

Here’s the rule

***The sooner you let her know that you are physically attracted to her (that you want to get her naked), the better your chances of actually having sex with her will be.

The questions is: how do you do this?

You can’t just come out a say “I want to bang you.” That would earn a slap or even get her to waive security over and get you thrown out. And you can’t use the typical lines: “you’re beautiful, pretty, sexy, hot…” You’ve probably tried that before and been surprised by how ineffective it was. She’s had hundreds of guys nervously tell her that already. That’s why she didn’t react.

So what they hell should you do?

One of the things that broke me out of my slump when I was struggling to escalate with girls was humor. Once I perfected it through trial and error, I was absolutely certain that humor was the best way to introduce sex into an interaction with a hot girl without seeming creepy or needy or acting just like every other guy.

You can use humor to build attraction from the very first line.

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You have to do this right, otherwise it won’t work

Exactly what kind of humor you use depends on your feel of the situation. In some cases, something like “let’s compare and see who has the funnier orgasm face” might get a laugh and a flirtatious slap on the arm, but it could also totally turn her off. You might be safer starting off with something that is about you and her kissing, “you so cute, I want to kiss you right now, but I think I see my grandma over there and she wouldn’t approve of kissing someone before marriage.”

It really is as easy as that. You’ve introduced the idea of you and her doing something sexual together (come on, you’re not in seventh grade anymore, kissing leads to sex). But it sounded fun and flirty and non-threatening, not creepy or needy.

Like I said, this is one of the most effective (and under-used) ways to seduce girls.

How to Sneak Into Her Mind (And Make Her Obsessed with You)

I have broken the whole process down into a four phase method for using humor to take your seduction from the first line to the moment when she slips out of her clothes in your bedroom. The magic of these four phases is that you can make them work for any situation, even if you already know a girl but you are stuck in the friend zone.

I said that I researched and perfected this stuff. Let me be honest: it took some work to get it right. You can easily overdo it and seem creepy. And you can also be too subtle (this is the problem most guys have at the start), and she won’t get the jokes or won’t notice the sexual undertones.

But I’ve created some fail-proof templates that you can personalize and use to make her horny with humor.? You can grab them here.

#1 Technique to Creating Massive Sexual Tension with a Girl (even if she only sees you as a friend)

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