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BEST Technique to Make a Girl Laugh (and create Sexual Attraction)

Make a Girl Laugh (and create Sexual Attraction)

In this video we discuss the #1 to make women laugh. Most guys get it completely wrong when they try to make a girl laugh because they get the subtext all wrong. In this video, you’ll learn the importance of subtext and how to use it to turn women on with humor.

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Rob Judge:     All right.  Hey, what’s up?  It’s Rob Judge.  Bobby Rio and I are here with another video.  Today we want to talk about humor.  This video’s not going to be so much about how to become funnier or we’re not going to tell any jokes on this video but what we are going to explain is what humor does and how it relates to subtext.  Because so much of what I learned when I was – My move to Manhattan, I started going on a lot of dates, was I started realizing that what you say has one level of meaning but underneath that level, there’s a subtext.

I’m sure you’ve seen this in as you deal with people, too.  So much of the impression people get of you is based on the subtext of what you’re saying.  To give a quick example of that, in one of our previous videos we were discussing the idea that if you sort of like make a joke or sort of like playfully talk about a topic like dating disasters and a girl starts telling a story about a guy who maybe was a little needy on a date or he did something that really conveyed way too much interest, way too early on.  Obviously shows the guy wasn’t socially savvy.  If you can kind of make a joke about that or if you can kind of laugh about that with the girl and have a sort of like that private moment, that inside joke about the fact that you both understand.  Because the whole thing is when you laugh at something, you sort of show an ownership of it.  You show authority over it.  That like there’s humor in it, is that you know that it’s inappropriate.

Whereas as like most guys don’t get that.  Most guys just go on dates and they don’t think about the subtext about what they’re saying, what their humor conveys.  Because, not to be too gross or lewd or disgusting but you  remember back – Like when I was in college it was really popular, a kind of weird thing that guys would tell each other but like jokes like dead baby jokes, right?  A dead baby joke to like one of your buddies in the locker room I mean a lot of the times it comes off funny because it’s like you and your friend – But the subtext of that is that how – Because a lot of times when you talk to guys you want to put on a muchacho, sort of masculine persona and the whole idea of the dead baby joke is that like, “You’re so masculine.  You’re so just callous that like the idea of like a dead baby is funny.”  When your just amongst the guys, like a lot of the times guys will find that sort of humor funny.

But the thing is that when you’re interacting with the female, if you told a girl a dead baby joke, it would go over horribly.  Trust me, because I may or may not have fallen victim to that.  And the reason is is because what are you conveying to her? You’re conveying to her that you’re very callous, you’re not sensitive at all, that like the idea of like a dead baby is funny to you.  So obviously like it’s like not going to convey the right subtext.  I mean

Bobby Rio:     Yeah, subtext is extremely important, like Rob is saying.  Like, it can go a lot of different ways.  It could be the guy who, and unfortunately he was this guy a few years back, that isn’t calibrated enough to know that a dead baby joke isn’t going to go over well with a woman.  And the subtext there is horrible.

But it could also be something as simple as self-deprecating humor, right?  Self-deprecating humor can be amazing if the subtext, right?  Is right.  You may or may not have heard Rob or I, we talk about this idea of cool vulnerability, right?  And that’s the idea that when you’re telling a self-deprecating thing, there should be an underlying like cool vulnerability that’s being displayed.  That way, the woman laughs at the joke but she also kind of feels like, “I’m getting to know him.  He’s kind of cool.”

A lot of guys though, and myself, I was like so guilty of this with self-deprecating humor is that I just wanted the laughter.  I was addicted to the laughter.  I would just do anything to get the laughter.  I would start like – If she was laughing, I would just deprecate myself.  I would like – It was like a race to the bottom, just to keep the vibe fun.  Nothing I was saying was making her go, “Oh! This is kind of an attractive guy.”  Everything I was saying was getting her laughing but – And it’s just like the old thing you might have heard in like elementary school, “Is she laughing with you or is she laughing at you?”  Well, she was laughing at me and I didn’t know because I was just naïve.  You want to get her laughing with you.

As Rob said, the perfect example he said is when you have something like laughing at guys who stalk women or who get clingy, right?  Because that kind of humor, it’s got two levels.  It’s funny to tell a joke about how your friend bought a girl flowers the day after he hooked up with her and he was like acting like he was going to propose to her.  You can both kind of laugh about that.  That’s one level but on the other level you’re also saying, “I’m not that kind of guy.  I get that that’s creepy so you don’t have to worry about it with me.”

That’s this idea of multi-leveling your humor.  I think that’s really important because I don’t think most people understand that.  It’s something that Rob and I we first explored a lot of in our program “Magnetic Messaging”, is text messaging.  It’s like there’s the text you send and then there’s the subtext, right?  A lot of guys, it took awhile for them to understand.  If you’re shooting out a certain text, on the surface it may be innocent but the subtext might be like, “This guy’s pretty desperate” or “This guy’s coming across too strong, too soon, too this, too that”.  You want to really think that way with your humor as well.

Rob Judge:     Yeah, I could not agree more.  That’s the thing.  Humor is just, it’s tough because a lot of guys think, “Oh, okay, just to be funny, I just need to get the girl laughing.  If she’s laughing, things are going great.”  I had dates where I had girls laughing their ass off and then the end of the date came and it was like, “Oh!” you know, I never heard from her again.  The reason is because what is your humor saying about you.  Because humor can be an incredibly, incredibly powerful tool if it’s used in the right way, when you’re using it with the right subtext.

That’s why Bobby Rio and I created this “Make Her Horny with Humor” course because the course – I mean, again, it’s not like Bobby Rio and I are really comedians.  We’re not like going to stand up.  I don’t consider myself an incredibly funny person but the first thing you need to understand is that the bar for social humor, like humor on dates, humor when you talking to a girl, it’s humor even when you meet a girl for the first time, the bar is set very, very, very low.  It’s not like you’re up on stage.  It’s not like this is like Showtime at The Apollo. That’s the first thing that you need to understand.  Even if you don’t think you’re an incredibly funny person, you don’t have to be.  Obviously we’re not.

That’s lesson number one about “Make Her Horny with Humor” is that you don’t have to be incredibly funny.  And lesson number two is that there’s a big difference between humor and attractive humor.  Attractive humor contains the right subtext.  There are just certain things that girls find funny because they’re women and because they’ve had certain experiences, that as guys, we don’t totally understand but like when we can tap into that it conveys so much awesome subtext.  It conveys so much value.  It just makes you come off so much more attractive than when you’re just trying to be a clown and you’re trying to entertain her and just trying getting her laughing because that is not an effective strategy.

Bobby Rio:     Yes.  We wanted to mention with “Make Her Horny with Humor” is that it’s the subtext is important, the attractive humor style is important but one thing that guys often miss is that there’s also an end game.  Because there’s an end game, it means there’s points in the way to the end game.  The end game, let’s – Obviously the course is called “Make Her Horny with Humor” so the end game is getting her back, sleeping with her, making her your girlfriend, falling in love with her.  Whatever you want to do after you sleep with her, that’s up to you.  But the end game of this thing is, “Okay, I’m talking to this girl, how can I progress it to a sexual relationship?”

What we figured out was that there’s actually phases.  Because the kind of humor you use when you’re talking to a girl that you’re just meeting and it’s been five minutes and she doesn’t really know you is a little different than you’re using when you’re back at her place.  Because when you’re back at her place, know you’ve got to move into, let’s say, “a physical humor”.  A humor that’s going to allow more like – And I’m not going to do demonstrations on him, but it’s going to allow more like touching, more flirting than but when you‘re first talking to her.

There’s also the connection humor where at some point she’s got to go, “I kind of feel like I know this guy.  I get him.”  A lot of guys, if you stay in the one type of humor too long, she never gets that moment of going, “I get this guy.  He’s not just some clown that is making these funny jokes, I also get him.”

A lot of other things that we incorporated into it.  It’s five phases.  We walk you through each phase of humor.  Within each phase we also tell you how to incorporate, as Rob said, the most important thing which is the subtext.  Because the subtext is what keeps generating that snow balling attraction that makes her horny with you first.

Check out the link below and let us know what you think about this video.  If you have any other questions about humor, we’d love to hear them.

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